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How does Google page rank work for your website? That is a very important question you should ask yourself. Because billions of people are using Google daily. To search for information on the internet.

google page rank

And when Google is putting your site at about the 563.000.000 place, you are probably not be found by any visitor. And that’s a pity because you wrote just the perfect blog about this subject.

What are the 5 mean reasons Google ranks other websites before yours?

1. Activity.

2. Content.

3. Originality.

4. Links.

5. Age.

How does Google page rank work?

Google uses an algorithm to rank pages. It is an automated process. And Google keeps the algorithm very secret.

We do know they are ranking for activity, content, originality, links and age.

Google page rank


Google will watch you. They crawl your website regularly. They will see if there is any activity going on. When there is no activity on a website, Google will drop your website in ranking. So publish at least one blog post or page every week. Besides that, Google rewards communication and engagement. Therefore, it is very important you get comments on your articles, and that you answer those comments.

You can have a huge influence on activity.


High-quality content makes people stay on your website and read the articles. You do not gain any popularity by Google when visitors enter your website and leave within a second.

The influence in high-quality content depends on your writing skills and also on the competitors. When you know all about the “Huanghetitan” with 4590 competitors, it is more likely you score quick on page #1,  then when you know all about the Samsung Galaxy with 204.000.000 competitors.

The influence you have on this is huge, narrow your niche as much as possible.


Be original, there are to many websites about a mobile phone (about results (0,52 seconds) You will not score high in a long time. To much competitors!

You can have a huge influence by choosing your niche wisely.


Google is focusing on the links going to and from a Web page. When you have a blog about wildlife and you manage to get a link to your website, placed on the website of World Wildlife Fund it will increase your Google page rank a lot. Links to your website on page #1 qualified sites is very good. Be aware of overloading your pages with too many of the same (affiliate) links, you will be punished. You can also add links to your comments. When someone left their website address, you can add this website as a link when you answer the comment.

The influence you have in this case is rather low because those #1 page ranked sites are usually unwilling to place your website link.


The age of your site is also in the algorithm of Google. Too many people start up a website and abandon it within a year. So Google starts following your website after about 6 months of regular activity. You have to persevere to get ranked. Only that way, you gain website trust.

The only influence you have is, keep on going!

Google page rank checker

Check your page rank

Google page rank


Google page rank

What also an important factor is, how and where do you put your keywords on your page.

Here is a guidewire to help you put your keywords in the right places and tags.

Google page rank

I hope you liked this  tutorial about Google page rank and the Google page rank checker.


“Google page rank, what is your Google rank”

I was able to write this tutorial for you because I follow

a terrific course on the Wealthy Affiliate University

Google page rank


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  1. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hello Loes

    I have a brand new website published only 10 days ago.Your article got me in thoughts , I have to re-test all my posts and pages about your final keywords set list.I cannot agree more with you for the rest of the article as well.

    But I believe the content comes 1st as the most important factor although ‘Google’ highlights the activity. I think everything starts from “content” as long as it stays unique and informative for the visitors and then comes “activity” as a result of the quality content.

    Thank you for the page rank checker as well and I wish you keep on with your great work.!

    • Loes says:

      Hello Tasos, thank you, unique and a lot of content will help you get ranked, but you will never be done because activity is important too, I wish you success with going over your old posts, at least it will bring activity on this site again:) Loes

  2. Robert says:

    Great article, the tips is really detailed. I can think about the hard work you put into this and specifically love you shared it. Anyone learn to build business online should look at to SEO for website get more visitor.

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