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Google page rank, what is your Google rank — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Loes

    I have a brand new website published only 10 days ago.Your article got me in thoughts , I have to re-test all my posts and pages about your final keywords set list.I cannot agree more with you for the rest of the article as well.

    But I believe the content comes 1st as the most important factor although ‘Google’ highlights the activity. I think everything starts from “content” as long as it stays unique and informative for the visitors and then comes “activity” as a result of the quality content.

    Thank you for the page rank checker as well and I wish you keep on with your great work.!

    • Hello Tasos, thank you, unique and a lot of content will help you get ranked, but you will never be done because activity is important too, I wish you success with going over your old posts, at least it will bring activity on this site again:) Loes

  2. Great article, the tips is really detailed. I can think about the hard work you put into this and specifically love you shared it. Anyone learn to build business online should look at to SEO for website get more visitor.

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