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Interview: Grandma Debbi finds the Internet — 10 Comments

  1. I love Debbie’s fun, multi-faceted personality coming through. It is clear she has lots of varied interests. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing, we can build a business based on any of our interests. If we decide to try something new, we can start a new website using the knowledge we have already gained, and quickly be up and running in an entirely different niche. Everyone from students to grandparents can start a business online with the right training. Debbie is a good example of this. She can take her personal interests and create a website to share those with the world. 

    • Thanks Jessica, I love Debbi’s positive attitude too 🙂 Yes, I you are right! However, I got carried away a bit, with 8 websites. 


  2. Hey Loes,

    Debbi is the living legend in the blogging world, and the interview has further inspired me to become a better blogger and as a person. Her advises are practical and down to earth.

    No doubt, Blogs are forever, and you live with it. But if you ask what l would do after 25 years, l would have to start thinking about it now.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview with us.

    Best wishes.


    • My pleasure Zayn, 25 years from now would made me 83. I have people among my internet friends who started their blogging career at that age. 


  3. Hi Loes. I must admit I was slightly confused at first. I didn’t really know where your blog was going. But that was probably my fault for reading it on my mobile and not the PC. I seem to lose a lot of information on the mobile. But I get it now. What a fantastic person Debbie is. Starting an online business in your sixties is never easy, I know because I decided to try. I can’t wait to read more of your  ‘intetviewd’. What a fantastic way to utilize a web site. I can_t wait to get my online business going. Thanks for your fun article. Jim

  4. Hi Loes,

    It does not matter what age you are, you can become successful online.  Even if you don’t want to be successful online you can still have a ton of fun on the internet.  I love your interview with Debbi.  It seems like she is having a ball with all her online projects.

    Old age can be a very lonely time for some.  You retire and suddenly you have all this time on your hands.  At first it is fun but as the years pass you starting to get bored.  Most people don’t have the financial resources to explore the world when they retire.  Some can barely survive.  

    I can think of nothing more rewarding than starting an online project even if it is just a hobby.  It is also important to connect with an online community like Wealthy Affiliate.  The yearly subscription is a bargain and even better if you can get it as a Black Friday deal.  There are even means inside Wealthy Affiliate that will pay for your yearly subscription.

    Thanks again for a great post!

  5. Can’t agree more with Debbi when she says the most difficult part of the writing process is getting all the thoughts going inside the head down on paper (or computer screen) in a logical, understandable way. All the thoughts and ideas crisscrossing and often times in total contradiction of one another, I have always found it challenging to organise them to create a post. But therein lies the thrill too. I have too fertile an imagination that I can fly off the trajectory and get myself all muddled up. On the brighter side, during the process of creating a post, I sometimes get ideas for potential blog topics completely different from the one I was writing. I also love when Debbi says to be real and to use our own voice in writing. As beginners, we often tend to get lost in the noise and assume a confused voice that does not entirely agree with our personality. Personally, it has always been a quest to find my own voice in my writing. Thanks for a lovely interview, Loes.

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