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Guest blogging at Work at Home, the Future is Yours — 12 Comments

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for this extremely informative post. I think guest blogging is a formidable idea. It gets one added exposure as well as giving you another opportunity to keep your writing chops up. Writers write, and whether it’s for your own site or as a guest on someone else’s, or writing your own novel, or all of the above, the more opportunities you have to get your writing out there, the greater the cumulative effect for good for you and your aspirations.


    • You’re so right Norman, most people stick to their own website, but there are many other opportunity out there. As guest blogging, but also writing articles on blog forums.


  2. Guest posting is one of the best ways to get backlinks and traffic at the same time. As you mentioned, guest posting allows getting a link from a website that is already getting some decent traffic (like your site) which leads to some instant traffic. The backlink also helps with long-term SEO. Thanks.

  3. Great article Loes! I think that guest blogging is very important for us, especially for those websites that have just started they online journey. I must say that I have never done guest blogging because I was afraid of how can I do that for someone, what If my work is not interesting to that person?

    • Hi Daniël, you may practice on my website, if you are interested. I accept every guest blog that’s related with my website, WordPress, SEO or online website training. There are a lot of subjects which fit perfectly:)


  4. I’ve never guest blogged myself, but I have allowed guest bloggers to post to my site on many ocassions in the past! Most of the time it’s a win-win for both parties…

    You get a free high-quality article – They get a good backlink AND traffic from your blog to their blog!

    Have you ever guest blogged before and if so, how did it turn out for you?

  5. I thought your website was amazing. It was very informative and well written. I was able to read your articles and take in a few pointers for my own article and to me that’s big and a new learning experience. I really enjoyed navigating through your website. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for the great introduction into guest blogging – you are so right it is an amazing way to get some good traffic to your website when you are first starting out. It also gains you a valuable link to your website which also helps to build your website authority so it is most definitely a win win. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything except a little bit of time. Would it not be fine to publish the same content on your website making use of a canonical link telling search engines that the guest blog is the original content? 

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