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Why is Wealthy Affiliate unique?
The price for all course material, and what you need to set up and maintain a successful website is fixed!
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Full service for website development and design specialized in creating profitable websites. 

Hi, I am Loes

Affiliate marketer, blogger, website designer, and visual content creator and I have searched for a long time to find a right and legal way to earn some money on the internet.

I am here to assist you to develop, design, and to monetize a website of your own, I will be happy to tell you all about how to start a website.

This Website

This is not a smooth looking website with slick pop-ups. On this website, you can find all kinds of different fun things that I learned during my study on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In addition to the incredibly accurate marketing training, I am specialized in finding free-to-use online programs. I also have become more capable and handier in the application of HTML, CSS, and programming, and I would like to share this knowledge with you via this website on my training page. You know, you can learn the same knowledge as I do by following my footsteps.

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Your lucky day

In 2014, I started building this website, without any foreknowledge, from scratch. Everything you see here I learned with the online education of Wealthy Affiliate. I have specialized myself in affiliate marketing, with the help and education of Wealthy Affiliate and their members, I managed to create an online income. This could be your opportunity too. If you are struggling to find your way on the internet, this might be your lucky day.


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My Mission

It is my mission to pass on the learned knowledge to you and to anyone who wants to understand more about online marketing. Together, with the aid of the awesome Wealthy Affiliate training, we can create a successful online career. I and the Wealthy Affiliate community will be there to provide you with support where necessary.

The Wealthy Affiliate education platform has 2 membership options. Starter and Premium. When you join our business community, you will start with a free account and the opportunity to upgrade whenever you like. The first 7 days of the free account we will provide you full access to all platform facilities like a premium member. When you click the green note above, it will lead you to the pricing and value chart.


My Journey Started Here

This Could Be Your Way Out Of The 9/5 Job Too.

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Proof that Wealthy Affiliate is legit Animated signature makers

Proof that Wealthy Affiliate is legit

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community with over 1 million members. Their incredible huge tutorial library is helping all members to build a solid online appearance. The teachings are about affiliate marketing, website development, and traffic. But also about Google ranking and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have a question forum, a live chat and there are thousands of members blogging about their online business comforts and inconveniences. We learn from our mistakes and blog about it to prevent others to make the same mistakes. And we blog about our successes to help others to become successful too.

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When you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, this little video can enlight your understanding.

Affiliate marketing is promoting products from companies on your website. You can promote these products by sharing banners, but also by writing in-depth reviews and comparisons about the products to help people to come to a thoughtful choice. In the image below you can “Window-Shop” through my product reviews.

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Are You Prepared For A Good Thing? — 16 Comments

  1. After watching the video on economic outlook it is enough to make anyone opt for some other way to make a living! It’s a scary aspect of what we could be in store for. As our future is still unknown. There are many underlying problems of course and that is the problem. We have so many differences in the ways we have learned to live and work for others. This news can chill a person to the bone!

    Your approach here is very important and hopefully you will get the word out that yes, it is possible to make a living from home, and yes it is possible to start today even part time.

    I applaud you for taking the time to help others and get as many members of society involved with this different approach to the world economy. You have a wonderfully helpful site, and I expect big blessings will find you in the future.

    Thank You.


    • Hello Rick, I appreciate your comment very much, and as in the video said, the economics are not as rosy as the government is telling us, so it is very sensible to take your own actions. I really hope to be of help for people who look for an additional income, or even a full income. At least the income they would gain from their own efforts, can not be taken away by others. Loes

  2. Loes, Great article, great website and very important information.
    I’ve made changes to my lifestyle where I fully expect to live longer than I had originally expected.
    That’s the good news, the bad news is if I run out of money first.
    I have to feather my nest, and I believe WA is the best possible way to do that.
    All the best.

    • Hello Phil, thank you for dropping by on my website, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the place to earn an additional income, even a full income is possible, see you around on the forum, greetings Loes

  3. Hello, Loes. Boy, I really enjoyed looking around on your site. It looks great and if I were not already with Wealthy Affiliate, I would join you. Good job and I especially like your Gadgets page. Lookin’ good! Cheers!

  4. Hi Loes
    First of all. You don’t look anywhere near old enough to have a granddaughter. Do they have the ‘Fountain Of Youth’ over there in Holland?

    You will have read my profile and in it you will have seen I have been in internet marketing for a few years now and I went through all the ups and downs like everyone else who has a ‘Dabble’. Had my fair share of scams as well from the so-called experts who at the end of the day are only out to fleece you.
    But if you are really interested and want to make an income from the internet from home you have to put those experiences behind you and soldier on.

    You have a nice site Loes. Well laid out with lots of useful information for your visitors.
    People do leave there job for a wide variety of reasons. A good many actually dream about working from home, and of course some make it but a lot don’t because they think they can just jump in and be millionaires in no time at all.
    I know, and you too know only too well it takes a lot of work and it depends entirely how much you put into it what you will eventually get out off it, and I do say eventually because there’s no way its going to happen overnight.
    Now as we both know if you have a good platform to work from and good support with lots of help and training then you are at least off to a good start.
    We both have it with Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully visitors to this site will come to realize this and sign up to a free Starter Membership.
    Now I have to go and do some work on my WA sites so you take care and have a very nice day over there in the Netherlands (what’s the difference – Holland/Netherlands?).
    Robert Allan

    • Hello Robert, great reply you gave, and so right, becoming your own boss takes up a lot of time and will grow in time, the only people who get rich over night are the ones who win the lottery. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a future builder, for realistic people who recognize that all those promises about earning thousands of dollars in a month time, they are not talking about YOU making that amount of money, but they are talking about themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of people will fall for those crappy promises. As you say, it will happen to build your website on WA, but it will not happen over night, and also not without working hard and putting in time. So I am looking here for the right people, people who are willing to work and understand entrepreneurship is a very rewarding road to be on. The difference between Holland and The Nederlands is, the two most economic provinces, and where our Capital is in, and where our Government settles are North and South Holland. The whole country is officially called The Netherlands. In our language written: Nederland. Have a nice day Robert, see you around on our platform inside the premises of Wealthy Affiliate, Loes

  5. Thanks for this information, Loes. So many of us want to be independent and still make a decent living, this is one way to get it done.

    • Hi Van, this is most certainly a good and legal opportunity to make profit of the internet possibilities, thanks for your reply, greetings Loes

  6. Thanks Loes for this info, it’s always good to have this on my mind, it’s better to begin to work on something on my own.

  7. Dear Loes you’re right. Currently, to be an employee is not the wisest solution. Should start to take your life into your own hands.
    Great work, keep it. Florin Gabriel

    • Hello Florin, thanks for stopping by, that is right, you better be your own boss, and certainly stay the boss of your purse:) Loes

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