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Perhaps you are wondering: “How do people make money on youTube?” and “How you can make money on YouTube by uploading a movie or powerpoint”. And way more interesting to know is, how to let your YouTube go viral.

10 Steps For:

How do people make money on youtube?

On this blog, you can read all about it. At first, I will explain to you where you can make a video and how to monetize it. And then I will give you some tips about the best titles and keywords. And examples of 7 online video programs, and 1 offline program to use for free. Your first step towards how to earn money from youtube.

How Do People Make Money On YouTube


1. Title of your video

How to… What is….The best…The secret of…Amazing…OMG… is a great way to start your title with. Other words to use are tutorial, review, test, repair, training, animation, make, DIY, create, easy, quick and free. Also, use numbers 7 solutions….10 steps…15 ways to…. Just check the titles of popular YouTubes!

2. Keyword research

Not only for your website, but also for Youtube it is of great importance to do your keyword research, click here for a free Jaaxy trial account with 30 free searches! Piggyback on the success of others. Look which Youtubes go viral and use similar titles and keyword phrases. Check your keyword phrase in Google search and look if a youtube is scoring for it at position 2-4 on the first page of Google.

I searched for: “How to draw a Stickman.

Keywords/Titles used for YouTube are: Quick how to make Stick Animation tutorial and Flash Tutorial Basic stickman Animation

Google first page

When you add keyword under a video which you are going to use on a blog post too, be sure you synchronize your tags and keywords on your blog with the keywords under the video.

3. YouTube Channel

You do need to open a channel before you even can do anything on YouTube. You can find here all you need to know about opening a YouTube channel 

4. Adsense Account

The only way, YouTube is paying you is through an Adsense Account. So the second step to take is: To open an Adsense account.

5. Create a video

You can upload your home made videos with your smartphone or camera, but you can also make your own advertisements. Here are some great free online programs to use, click the links up front to go to the program or the centralized links to watch my created videos on Youtube.

Biteable – Unlimited template videos. (Share on YouTube and Social Media)

Blog Marketing On YouTube

Rawshorts – 25 whiteboard videos of 20 seconds. (Share on YouTube and Social Media)

Online Video Course Affiliate Marketer

Moovly – Unlimited downloads of 10 min animated videos for free. (Share on YouTube and Social Media)

Wealthy Affiliate The Premises

Animaker – Animated Videos, Done Right! (Share on YouTube and Social Media)

Wealthy Affiliate Online Education

Emaze – Unlimited 3D template powerpoints with a free account (Share on Social Media)


Article Video Robot – 30-second web quality videos with talking man or woman voice over. (Share on YouTube and Social Media)

265+ Cool Amazing Website Tools


Windows Live Movie Maker – Unlimited powerpoint and home made videos

Checklist Blog Post 25 Points

Copy here your own checklist

Screencast-o-matic – When you want to make a video of your screen or using the webcam to record yourself.

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6. Upload to YouTube

Go to YouTube and log in at your creator studio, then upload your video to YouTube. Some named programs will add your video directly to your YouTube channel and some are allowing you to download them first. Click on edit.

7. Monetize your Youtube Channel

When you are in “edit” your video, you can scroll down, right under the section keywords and tags you can click on ” generate income” you can click the boxes before the option provided.

8. Use YouTube Spotlights

You can drive traffic to your website by using spotlights on your video. You can find those in the annotation section. Make your videos clickable and link to your website.

9. YouTube Chart

With an info chart, you can fill in additional data. And you can link the chart to your landings page but also to a particular post if you want to.

10. Youtube and Music

Some of the programs I mentioned do provide music, but when they do not have a song you like, you can add music from the YouTube music library when you have uploaded your video to your channel. Or find free and legally to download music here.


Now you know how people do make money on youtube. I truly hope I am the one who gave you the helping hand to make a good start creating your own Youtube videos and advertisements!

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