How to add a signature to Gmail

Did you know you can add a signature to Gmail? It will automatically be sent with every mail.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to do that.

How To Add A Signature To Gmail

Always check if it’s free for commercial use!

How To Add A Signature To GmailAt first. you have to make a suitable banner. Therefore, you can shop on Pixabay and type in the search bar “Banner.”

I found this banner. Now I need to personalize it, and I am quite fond of the free online photo editor But you can use any photo editor you like best. Gimp or Photoshop or MSPaint.

This is my banner with text and logo of Wealthy Affiliate

How To Add A Signature To Gmail

Now we have made the banner, how to add it as a signature to Gmail?

Go to settings on your Gmail account and scroll down to “signature.” The default setting is “No signature.”

gmail signature

Switch to “signature” and upload your banner from your computer.

Gmail signature

Click on the banner and then under the banner you get a line where you can add a web address to make a clickable banner from it.


Go to your email and click on “Create New” and sent an email to yourself to check if it works correctly.

gmail signature

Success creating your own Gmail signature!

Wealthy Affiliate profile Loes

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