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How To Avoid Internet Scams? — 8 Comments

  1. Unfortunately with any good comes bad and that doesn’t change with the internet. It’s made our lives a lot easier to get information and to get scammed. But you’ve provided some solid advice on how to avoid it. When in doubt always do your research, never assume. Because scam artist can be very clever. So I agree with you.

    • Glad you agree with me Eddy, thank you! Those shifty scammers become cleverer every day. And the banners look like they are really from the genuine companies. I hope I can warn people in time. Kind regards Loes

  2. The problem is with these internet scams is they are made to look so genuine and people fall for the tricks every day!

    It is only sites like yours that highlight the scams online and hope people read your information before they get lured in.

    Thanks for this information, I learned a lot!

    I see when I am on your site there is a pop up which comes on the screen. Can you tell me more about that please?



    • Hi Chris, it certainly is true that scammers are using more and more advanced technics, often indistinguishable from the genuine sites. hopefully, I can warn some people in time with my article. The popup is a plugin, from Jayasri Nagrale, the designer of the Yeloni Pop-up, you can use it for various purposes. Kind regards Loes

  3. Success is never earned by doing nothing. I love that you pointed out that no one gets rich off of those empty promises. If they did, the entire world would be doing it too. Growing a business online takes time and hard work. It’s not an overnight gig. When I first started out, I read so many of these scams and luckily had enough good sense to know they can’t possibly be true. But they do seem convincing.

    • That’s right Heather, I have been clicking ads in the past, and you could buy referrals there, but you paid for referrals who didn’t do anything, so gone money, and a lot of frustration, because clicking all day ads and earning in the long run not a penny, so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate, better learn how to work online than how to loose online. Have seen both sides now 🙂 My advice is: Get an education and learn the ropes
      🙂 Kind regards, Loes

  4. There is a huge industry online that is nothing but scams. Apparently, there are legions of people who believe if they just find the one secret they can make money by some magical means.

    But the internet is not magic. It’s just a tool of communication. It simply links people together. Business online is the same as business off line.

    People buy from people they know, like and trust. There is not secret to making money online. It just takes sustained effort and integrity.

    If you really want to make money online, you’ll need to build a real business. It takes time, but not a long time. The number one recommendation mentioned here is the only honest to goodness way to learn that I know of.

    • Goodday to you mr. G.C. Horton. thank you for your reply. You are right, it takes some time to learn the know-how. That’s why I recommend to follow an education to find the right ways to earn money on the internet. The money really will not flow to you when you are not knowing the rules. I recommend the lessons on the Wealthy Affiliate University, because it can give everyone a solid base for a serious online business, and earnings which can grow from an additional income into a full income.

      I wish you a merry Christmas and a successful 2016 mr. G.C. Horton.

      Kind regards, Loes

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