How to come up with a domain name

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With a domain name alone you are not there yet. You also need a website template. Security. Knowledge of SEO and keywords. How to get your website known to the search engines. How to advertise your website? There are lots of issues coming around the corner when you want to start your own website. Also, a good question is:”How do you come up with the perfect domain name?”

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Who am I and why I am writing this blog

When I bought my first domain name at Namecheap, I really couldn’t tell the forest from the trees. I am Loes, Dutch, and my native language isn’t English. I was totally new in this online adventure, and desperately in need of guidance. I found that guidance at the Wealthy Affiliate University in Canada. And to make you acquainted with their services, I offer you my experience.

Buying a domain name

When you surf the web, you find thousands of opportunities to buy your own domain name. The prices vary very much. From $0,00 for the first month – increasing later to $25, and everything in between. Then it comes to what else the company has to offer. Most companies can be trusted. To name a few: NameCheap, GoDaddy, HostGator and recently also Wealthy Affiliate. When you don’t go for Wealthy Affiliate, my number #1 domain name provider is NameCheap  -( Dot com domains $11,98).

Before I bought my first domain name, I came in contact with Wealthy Affiliate. Shortly said WA and referred to as WA in the rest of the post. I started out with a subdomain freely provided by the WA platform. After 2 months I finally decided what my domain name should be and I transferred my content from the subdomain name to my own property. With the amazingly helpful assistance of Namecheap and the tech team of WA. I bought my first domain name at NameCheap because WA didn’t provide that service yet back then.

Domain name service at WA

I transferred my domain name from Namecheap to WA as soon as WA offered that service.  At the WA platform, I pay $13,99 for my own dot com domain name and I host my website there too. I am grandfathered into this price. $13,99 for life. I choose to buy and host at this platform because of the exquisite security and amazingly technical and community support. It counts very heavy to me that I am not on my own and can rely on a professional backup. WA has a great easy to use domain name transfer tool.

Domain name transfer tool

Total cost a month

At the moment, I host 8 websites on the WA platform, 5 totally free subdomains and 3 owned domain names.

Domain names registered at WA

As I said, when I joined WA in 2014, I was grandfathered at the then applicable price, and so will you, at the current price. Not only for the domain names (3) but also for the WA membership and security package for 28,42 a/mth all included. For that steady amount, I am entitled to run and host 25 subdomain and 25 owned domain names websites. I love to know that I will never pay more than that as long as I live. And more important, I love the feeling that I always can get help at any time of the day. WA is open 24/7/365. And the tech team is fast as lightning.

How do you come up with a domain name?

This website can give you the most amazing ideas and inspiration!

Lean domain search

I truly hope you find your perfect domain name here (and buy it at the WA platform:)

Start a website

When you want to start your own website, and you don’t have a clue how everything works online, WA is your lifeline!

  • Tech support.
  • Community support.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step training.
  • A personal coach.
  • Complete safety package
  • One price – no up sales!
  • Free trial period of a week!!

Whatever you decide, you can freely take a look inside WA. No credit card needed. You can talk to me and to other WA members. Take a look at all training provided. This video will give you a first impression.




Well, what do you think of it?

  • Free to register;
  • Free to try;
  • No credit card needed;
  • What on earth can go wrong?

Creat your free account at Wealthy Affiliate

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