How to draw a stickman

For this tutorial we are using MS paint, to learn how to draw a stickman. You can make your own advertising images, original and creative. Or you can make a cartoon with your own catchy text. Beneath I will give you directions to how to bring your stickman to live.

How to draw a stickman and create your own hearder


How to draw a Stickman?

How to draw a young figure and how to draw an old man. It has all to do with specific roundings and position.

1. Go to MS Paint.

2. Set the measure.

3. Choose your background color, the same as your website.

how to draw a stickman

4. Start with the basics, oval and choose your line thickness.

5. Change the line thickness for the eyes.

how to draw a stickman

6. Draw computers, closets, baskets etc. but keep it simple. One-line-drawing.

7. Add some text.

how to draw a stickman

8. Use the flex-lines for arms and legs.

9. Use flex-lines also for the chair.

10. Pull the flex-line from start to end, then click beside it to bow the line.

11. Use the Ctrl + Z frequently to find the perfect pose.

how to draw a stickman

12. Draw some thin lines on the ground.

13. fill in with shadow colors.

how to draw a stickman

14. Add some details. The desk with drawers.

15. Finish off with the perfect text.

how to draw a stickman

Examples of how to draw a stickman

How to draw a stickman, create your own hearder

I wish you a lot of fun creating your own stickman cartoon

It is also possible to bring your stickman to live. For that, you can download Stykz

Stykz tutorial 1

Stykz tutorial 2

Stykz tutorial 3

Stykz tutorial 4

When you take the extra step to bring your stickman to live,

you can search on YouTube for inspiration.

Look for Stykz animations!


How to draw a stickman and create your own hearder



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  1. Neil says:

    I remember as a youngster when I attempted to draw stickmen on a computer, and I was completely useless at it! LOL.

    However, I really love your tutorials because drawing a stickman using MS paint looks so fun, even if I am a grown adult now 🙂

    Thanks for the steps, and I will certainly give it a whirl on my computer to see what stickmen I can create.


  2. Yunier Gonzalez says:

    This was such an awesome tutorial! I myself am not a very good hand drawer but this is something that might be in my wheel house. Maybe I can do some stick man and maybe who knows what after ! I want to see other tutorials like this, Plain awesome 😀

  3. Marie says:

    Hi Loes
    Thanks for your very inspiring post you make it look so easy. I have a tried before to draw but not with MS Paint in this way so I will definitely give this a go.

    The problem I have is having the inspiration to come up with the designs. I can now copy these figures but I’m not much good at seeing a picture and then breaking it down the way you have done so cleverly here.

    Are there any tips on how to make that part of the process easier?

    • Loes says:

      Hi Marie, thank you for your nice words, my tip to you is to practice on a picture. Try to find the outer lines. That are the only lines you need, success creating something special, kind regards, Loes

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