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Often you can add the verification code into your SEO all in one, but some affiliate companies will ask you the to paste their verification code into the <head> tag, just before the <body> tag. How to enter a verification code into the head?

I will place here some screenshots to show you step-by-step how to paste these codes into a WordPress theme.

1. Go to appearance

2. Editor

3. Look at the right side for the tab Header (header php)

How to enter a verification code

add verification code

4. Find the closing header tag </head>

How to enter a verification code into the head

5. Paste your verification code just above the </header> tag.

paste verification code

6. Remember to UPDATE your file!

How to enter a verification code into the head


I hope this tutorial is useful to you, I know I have struggled a lot before I understood how to enter a verification code myself. And I was and still am very glad and fortunate with all the help I get from the community at the Wealthy Affiliate University. Are you struggling a lot? Does your website not bringing you the profit you want? Join our community 🙂 !

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