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Jovo is a theoretical physicist with a Ph.D. in plasma physics theory. He is a man of few words, and what he says is always considered and sensible. Reliable, honest and straightforward.
Jovo has developed an awesome website about mountain climbing and is providing essential first-hand details about routes, environment, and gear.

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His is exclusively sharing stories about places which he visited himself. He is an early bird and starts his climbing journeys often at 2-3 am. Jovo shares his excitement, anxiety, and fear from unknown freely on this website.

If Google was a mountain, Jovo could easily tell you how to get your website to the top of Google!

Thank you for participating in this series of interviews with Wealthy Affiliate members, Jovo, I very much appreciate this.

interview question 1

.I was 54 young.

interview question 2

.It is my site about mountains and equipment. Very passionate about it.


.Mountains for everybody

interview question 3

At this moment? The two with names or titles starting with P: Pope & Putin.


interview question 4

.I am trying not to spend.


interview question 5

.I feel there are no such moments.


interview question 6

Far behind.


interview question 7

Those that are not available: Tesla, Bach, Beethoven.

Those that are available: Messner (if you do not know, the most famous mountain climber), not many more people come to my mind.



interview question 8

No. I whistle and invent melodies on the spot.


interview question 9

Did you see my answer to the first question?


interview question 10

.Absolutely yes.


interview question 11

.Yes. One of my climbs. It was Weissmies (4023 m) in Switzerland in 2007. I was climbing all night, full moon, alone on the mountain. But there was a headlight far in the distance on the other side of the valley which was in the shade: somebody was there, climbing his own mountain. I described this a bit in my text.


Mountains for everybody/climbing-weissmies



interview question 12

I am a soloist by nature.


interview question 13

.Yes, the title was “How to build a site faster than make a bread.”


interview question 14

Sports stuff only. Do not look at anything else.


interview question 15

If this is about posts, then this is finding the best keyword. But being a non-native English speaker, everything is hard for me.


interview question 16

The same as in my first post: if you are a beginner like me when I started, come to WA. I feel I could not manage anywhere else. It was supported by others. That was essential.


interview question 17

.I am not sure if I am an inspiration for anybody.


interview question 18

This is a hard one.


interview question 19

Regardless where it is, I need to be left alone, work best in solitude.


interview question 20

Livigno, the Italian Alps. Why? Probably the most pleasant place in the Alps. At 1800 meters of altitude, green, mild mountains around, up to 3000 meters but all easy to climb, beautiful lake.



interview question 21

Born in a wrong country, which disintegrated meanwhile but I am still here, suffering the consequences. This will follow me all my life.


interview question 22

Religious narrow-mindedness. The worst atrocities throughout human history were made in the name of religion. Cannot stand any religion.


interview question 23

Dishonorable behavior.


interview question 24


Waiting for the sunrise on a mountain summit. The only moments I truly feel alive.

interview question 25

.Mountaineering, classical music, fruit grafting. The first two I do occasionally, for the last one have no opportunity in a city life.


Thank you very much Jovo, for answering all question, and skip a few with grace 😉



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  1. Jill says:

    Hi Loes, What a lovely interview with Jovo. He sounds such a wonderfully humble man. There was no nonsense questions and therefore he was able to just be himself when he answered you. 

    I wish him all the best in both his journey with Wealthy Affiliate and his mountain climbing, long may it continue.

    • Loes says:

      Thank you Jill, I hope he will reach the top in both ways too. And thank you for the compliment that there where no nonsense questions.


  2. Jim says:

    Hi Loes. What an interesting article on Jovo Vranjes. I totally understand his desire to work alone because I am very similar. I struggle when someone decides they want to help me. I must say though that I’m definitely not into mountain climbing as I’m scared of height, I much prefer swimming in the ocean. He gives some fantastic answers to your questions and those answers give the reader a good insight into what sort of person he is. I suppose I’d have to agree with him that the Pope and Putin are the most influential people on the planet. Unfortunately I believe that, along with Trump, they are also the most dangerous. I also love that he would like to have Tesla over to dinner, so would I. Your site fascinates me Loes, apart from the interesting blog, you have crammed so much information into it and it is all very well set out. Thanks Jim

  3. Steve says:

    Loes, Once again, you like to knock the ball out of the park, I really enjoyed this interview with Jovo.  I had to laugh a couple of times at his answers, he has a good sense of humor.  And you as well for asking the questions.  This is a great idea, to interview people who are successful in a particular line of work, especially OUR line of work.  Thank you for the peek into a the life of a guy who likes to climb to the peak!


    • Loes says:

      Hi Steve, it’s so nice that people are giving us a peek into their lives. Coming up with the questions, was the hard part for me. Without good question, nobody want to participate. Thank you.


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