How to Increase Website Traffic from A-Z

Now you have a website, you surely want to have traffic – visitors as well.

Traffic is the most important thing you have to accomplish on your website.

No traffic – no sales.

How do you get visitors?

At first, you have to think about, what your visitors would like to read.

What will be interesting for your readers?

Why would they want to visit your website?

From that point of view, your can start implementing the A-Z tips below.

Here is a list for you about how to attract more visitors.

How to increase website traffic? What can you do about that yourself?


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How to Increase Website Traffic from A-Z

A. Answer your comments!

B. Backlinks create backlinks and links in your comments.

C. Categorize your posts, makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want.

How to Increase Website Traffic

D. Daily activity, make it a habit doing, at least, one positive chore daily on your website.

E. E-books, downloads, handouts, printable stats. Give them freely!

F. Forums. Sign in on appropriate forums and attach your website there.

G. Guest blogs. Write guest blogs and leave your website link on your blog.

H. Headlines attract people. When you look at the newspapers, they use it constantly

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I. Invest time! Skip the television, the GameCube, and the tea parties, you are working!

J. Jaaxy. Use the no.#1 keyword tool Jaaxy. Or another keyword tool, but use one!

K. Keywords, keyword phrases. How to use? 1 x 100 words, 1 x in picture alt tag. 1 x in H2 tag.

L. Link to older posts on your own website.

M. Menu. Ask friends or family how users friendly your menu is. Stand next to them and observe how they navigate.

N. Niche relevant articles are crucial for your visitors.

O. Original content is a must. Do not copy and paste from others.

P. Promote and publicize your posts on social media.

Q. Quality, write Quality posts.

R. Review companies and try to get a backlink on their websites.

S. Shareable content will go its own way. When visitors like your content they will share it.

T. Tag and describe your article properly, so the search engines can find it.

U. Users profiles. Create a user profile on other sites.

V. VisionBoard. Pinterest! Use your vision to share with others on Pinterest.

blauw perseverance

W. Wordswordswords, how many does a post need? Write articles of at least 500 words/1000 is better.


X. eXercise yourself in perseverance and continuity.

Y. YouTube, create your own YouTube channel and  subscribe to channels with relevant topics

Z. Zig Ziglar. You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.


 I hope you found this tutorial helpful.
When you are setting up your own internet business, you need to take yourself seriously and see it as a real job. From now on you are self-employed. No boss who is telling you what to do. You have to tell yourself, and discipline yourself!
In an earlier post, I wrote an online business schedule to help you set up your time, space and working hours.
This article contains 549 words, to indicate the W. in the list from A-Z.


“How to increase website traffic from A to Z” Tutorial

I was able to write these tutorials for you, because of the great course I am following on the

Wealthy Affiliate University.


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  1. septiana says:

    I will start with step A. Answer your comments!. BIG A
    Yes, its Time-consuming but that make the website come alive with the comment from visitor. I have to answer the comment with my head and heart and relevant with the post.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Septiana, it is really a big point for Google to rank your site, that it is alive and kicking:)thanks for your preference, greetings Loes

  2. Brian Smith says:

    Great tips. Any website owner needs to copy this into a cheat sheet for daily activity for our websites. Loes has done a great job

  3. Ken Pringle says:

    Loes, excellent post thank you. I have to say out of your choices, I choose.
    T. Tag and describe your article properly, so the search engines can find it.

    There are others but I like this one best.

    Ken Pringle

  4. Christa says:

    Hi Loes,
    You really have a wonderful site with with a wealth of information!
    I really like this post!
    It is very creative and creates a great list of points!
    When I listen to people who are pursuing online marketing they usually end up coming to a place where they are not sure if they should continue, not sure if they will succeed. I agree that above all quality is important but it is not just the quality of our work, it is also the quality of our thoughts and our words, and of our belief!
    Well, just a thought!
    Christa 🙂

    • Loes says:

      Hi Christa, thanks for your wonderfull words, listening to people is above all the most important thing to do, it is not me what it’s all about, it is the other who I am here for to serve, that why I want to share all my knowledge for free. I have a spiritual dutch site with free booklets to download, and a kidsart site with free ideas to create beautifull things, a free photosite to share God’s wonderful sights, I believe in oneness and sharing, yes it’s the thought which counts, hug for you Christa(flowing freedom), Loes

  5. Cedric says:

    Hey Loes,
    Really, Really enjoyed this article. Good to have an experienced person share some good tips. I have quite a few of these covered but some I hadn’t thought about. I’m putting your points into action now. Still learning. Keep the good content coming. If you get a chance check out my site.

  6. Emilie Dardenne says:

    Hi Loes,
    Great tutorial. I’m bookmarking it. In my opinion Q. Quality content is really important.
    All the best and I look forward to more tutorials.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Emilie, thank you for dropping by, quality is indeed a good thing. If you have ideas for tutorials, always welcome, I can see if I can make one then, greetings Loes

  7. John says:

    As always you have the greatest information and training for us. I will print this list and put on my computer wall when I am thinking that I am done for today. The one that is hardest for me is D. I work two other jobs but try to take out some time to look at and add to my website.

  8. Craig Pennell says:

    Yep, all that and more! Excellent article, there are so many ways of getting traffic, and you have to find a few that work for you and you’re happy with. And of course quality traffic is the name of the game. You didn’t mention affiliate traffic, that is about the most proven method of getting buyer traffic, but not everyone wants the hassle of creating a product.

  9. Pete Williams says:

    Hi loes.
    Above all, I would choose O=Original content is a must.
    Google seems to rank content from an original point of view, not rehashed or spun articles.
    Happy website building!

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