Youtube how to make a slideshow with music

There are so many slideshows going around with pictures. With motivational text. Send by email, displayed on Youtube.

But how to make a slideshow with music? I will show you here one way of how to do this.

This is the slideshow I am going to explain to you



Step 1

Make the pictures you want to use, if necessary, transparent. Click here for the lesson to do this!

Step 2

Go to

Make the settings right for Youtube 854×480

Follow this: Pixlr/express>gallery>first settings all zero>adjustments>resize>854×480.

Now you can fill in the first slide. Ad background, filters, upload pictures and make your text in Pixlr or later on your computer.

Save as… next>> until you are done with all your slides  🙂

Step 3

Open the  Windows live movie maker app on your computer.

Add your just created slides. Add text and special effects. Set timers etc.

Step 4

Add music to your slideshow, click here for my previous post to find some great and totally free to use music.

Step 5

Save project as… you can always adjust it.

Save movie to the right in your video folder… not to change anymore, from there out to upload to your Youtube channel.

Tip: When you have a website, name your Youtube with appropriate keywords, fitting to your post!

When you don’t have a website, you can start here even 2 websites totally free!

…or send directly to Youtube.

Now you Know How to Make a Slideshow with Music!

Happy sharing your new project!

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  1. Chi Yung Hwang says:

    Very useful information.
    You get yourself a follower.
    The rule that each comment must at least be 100 words long is a general one or is it your private rule on this site?

    All the best

    • Loes says:

      Hello Monty, thank you very much, much appreciated, I have a plugin with the settings for min 100 to max 1000 characters, It saves me a lot of crappy spam messages. Through this rule I went from 250 spam messages a week to 7 a week. That’s the only reason 🙂 Loes

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