Youtube link your video to your website

When it comes to advertising your own business, making a video is a must.
How to make your own video and share it on Youtube.

For an easy video with fully prepared templates you go to:


When you have registered you go through the following steps:

Step 1 chose your pic.
step 2 add + beneath and make the next, keep adding + until you’re done.
(nb. it will NOT show you what you’ve done in the timeline!).
Step 3 add some music.
Step 4 SAVE.
Step 5 email my preview.
Step 6 preview and edit where needed.
step 7 save again.

repeat step 5-7 as long as you wish ;).
step 8 click on the right mouse button on download and save link as in your video folder on your computer.

Biteable gives you also right away a browser link, save it, you can share it in your emails or on a blog as a direct link.
It is quite a long link so you can shorten the link at TinyURL or Google URL shortener.

Now we will go the extra mile

How to Make Your Own Video Linked to Your site

You need to you have your own Youtube channel, if you don’t have one yet you need to start one up.

MarionBlack’s video training on spotlights

Step 1 Login to your YouTube account. Creator Studio.
Step 2 Upload your video from your video folder.
Step 3 Click on edit video
Step 4 Click “Annotations” in the editing bar to open the video’s Annotations tab.
Step 5 Play the video and stop at the point where you want to add a spotlight.
Step 6 Click “Add Annotation” to open the drop-down menu and choose for “spotlight”.
You can choose from:

Speech bubble

Step 7 Click “Spotlight” to add a spotlight annotation.
Step 8 (Optional:) Type the annotation’s text if you want to direct your visitors.
Step 9 Make the spotlight fit over your screen text. Put the box over the part you want to be clickable. Give it a border or not
Step 10 Check the box link and add your website link.
Step 11 Slide the timer from where the spotlight begins and ends.
Step 12 Click on applying change or save the change.


I hope you liked “How to Make Your Own Video Linked to Your site”

Other YouTube tutorials:

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I wish you happy advertising on YouTube!

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  1. Roger A Ford says:

    Hello Loes, thank you for asking me to review your website.

    Love how your pages have the “Sign up for free …” banner at the top. Easy peasy!

    And the page that we’re taken to is very nice too.

    It’s clear your experience as a website writer is paying off.

    Loved the Pictochart for your “About” page. Very nice. And the photos (you as a kid, nice!)

    And your “Work At Home” logo.

    Your Startpage is visual and chock full of exciting offers. Clearly detailed.

    Very thorough “WA educational program” page (why not initial cap here, as you did everywhere else? “WA Educational Program”)

    Love how your Scam page features posts by other authors.

    In short, love the site!

    I enjoyed reviewing the pages.


    • Loes says:

      Hi Roger, that is quick, thank you so much for dropping by and your feedback! I will surely ask you again some day, see you later, and I capitalized the WA Educational Program:) Loes

  2. Chris says:

    This is something that I will now need to implement into my web pages as well as the ones that I have already built. I had recently read somewhere that video marketing is better than just plain text marketing and that you will get a better response from your visitors.

    Good Stuff!


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