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How to Make Your Own Video Linked to Your site — 24 Comments

  1. Hello Loes, thank you for asking me to review your website.

    Love how your pages have the “Sign up for free …” banner at the top. Easy peasy!

    And the page that we’re taken to is very nice too.

    It’s clear your experience as a website writer is paying off.

    Loved the Pictochart for your “About” page. Very nice. And the photos (you as a kid, nice!)

    And your “Work At Home” logo.

    Your Startpage is visual and chock full of exciting offers. Clearly detailed.

    Very thorough “WA educational program” page (why not initial cap here, as you did everywhere else? “WA Educational Program”)

    Love how your Scam page features posts by other authors.

    In short, love the site!

    I enjoyed reviewing the pages.


    • Hi Roger, that is quick, thank you so much for dropping by and your feedback! I will surely ask you again some day, see you later, and I capitalized the WA Educational Program:) Loes

  2. This is something that I will now need to implement into my web pages as well as the ones that I have already built. I had recently read somewhere that video marketing is better than just plain text marketing and that you will get a better response from your visitors.

    Good Stuff!


  3. Hi Loes,

    Thanks for this straight clear post on how to get started with linking your videos to your web sites. Not so hard if you follow the process you mention it looks like!

    I am just digging down on this subject myself, and have created a few and linked them, and also have some already done niche videos that I am editing for my own use, and will do the same with…

    This is a bit off-topic, but may be useful for others (and me)…Do you post your videos anywhere else besides YouTube then link them to your site?

    Examples I can think of where yuo can do this include Vimeo…I am sure there are others…

    The other thing I am curious about (also off topic a bit again, sorry!) is what software do you use to create your videos that you add to YouTube, then link to your site?

    There are so many choices out there, and the price ranges from reasonable, to quite expensive. As a starter, I am keeping my costs down through using as much free software and tools as possible lol!

    OK, back to the topic at hand! Thanks for taking the time to put this post together. It offers actionable advice and steps to the person wanting to add linked video to their site (YouTube is excellent for this from my experience)…I found this useful and have bookmarked for later use again and again!

    • Hi Dave, thanks for the bookmark, to answer your questions: I am only using youtube, never thought about using others, but it’s quite a good idea to do so in the future. The screencapture video I make with the free program http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/screen_recorder, really easy to use. Recommendable to start with this program. Besides that program I also use biteable.com, with ready made templates, and the possibility to use your own pictures. I wish you a lot of creativity and success Dave.

      Kind Regards Loes

  4. This post came at the right time. I have a website and I’ve wanting to add something to breach the gap between my visitors and this just looks perfect.

    The wonderful thing is that it seems simple enough for me to do since I am not technical at all, and your instructions are easy to follow.

    Have you noticed a difference in traffic and/or visitor interaction by adding a video on your site? I’m hoping the video will help with that.

    Thanks for the timely post!!

    • Hi Ana, I have just started myself, after reading a blog about the huge impact it could have to use youtubes on your website, especially the ones you make yourself, and give the same keywrd(phrases) as the blogpost you adding it on, I think I have placed the first one using this technic 1 week ago, hard to say yet, but common sense tells me, that Google and Youtube is a good combi to use to gain visitors.

      Hope it will work for you 🙂 Loes

  5. Love this article. I have bee wanting to add a bit of personal video footage to bring my voice and my passion to my readers, but have felt it would be to overwhelming at this point to learn how to do it.

    This post on how to make your own video was great. Not only did you point me to a free tutorial website but you pointed in a direction of so many more helpful and free tutorials.

    Many thanks Loes

    • Hi Debra, thank you very much, I do urge you to start with YouTubes, those have the future. Youth want’s this quick and easy to comprehend info, I wish you a lot of success taking this step into the movie world, Loes

  6. Hi Loes!

    Very useful information!

    I have been struggling a little bit with videos on my own site, since I have the fear of sharing you tube content and then have copyright troubles later.
    But with this tool now I know is up to me! I can do my own videos with this great tool!

    The only bad is the watermark, but hey, it is understandable that this guys want to make a profit right?
    But also, if you are focused on the watermark, maybe the content is not so engaging 🙂

    Great review, thanks for sharing!


    • Yes your own video is always alright to share:) But you know, every Youtube with a share button you can place on your website. That will not give you any troubles at all. Watermarks! Yes! The good news is, every watermark is removable 🙂 the bad news is, you have to pay for it 🙁 Fito


  7. Hello Loes,

    I have never heard of Biteable, are they free? Or free with an upgrade? Or is it free for a certain number of uses and then pay or quit?
    Let me know.
    You made a wonderful video, you used Marion Blacks tutorial? How did you make all of the wonderful backgrounds and slides for the video, did they come with the Biteable membership?
    Sorry I always have lots of questions, I look forward to your answers.


    • Hi San, yes biteable is a free program, as long as you don’t mind the watermark, when you want to make a more professional video, you can consider to pay them to remove the watermark. I did use Marions video, and I hope it is good accesseble for everyone, the background for the slides are delivered by biteable, except for my pictures of course, I wish you a lot of success using this program, and making a splendit and successful movie, Loes

  8. Hi Loes,
    Just came across your website when searching for how to making videos for my website. Thanks for the no nonsense guide – even I can follow it! I intend to get cracking this weekend.
    What do you think is the optimum length for an advertising video on a site? The last thing I want to do is send my readers to sleep!

    • Hello Boyo, great to hear you find my guide easy to follow, when it comes to an advertising video I think you should keep it below the 2 minutes, better around the 1.5 minutes, short and to the point, I want to wish you a lot of fun and success with your advertising campaign on YouTube 🙂 Loes

  9. Loes,
    I checked out your website and even bookmarked it for further inspiration. I like the use of pictures and what you have to say. It’s cleverly presented. The only complaint I have is that once you get beyond the headlines, the font is a little small. Other than that, I have no criticisms.

    Like I said, I’ll be back to check it out again.


    • Hi Dan, thank you very much, for your compliments and your bookmark. I can help you with the font. Click on your Ctrl and + key, so the screen will enlarge:) See you back soon Dan, greetings Loes

  10. You know what, this is the best description I have seen so far on how to make your own video. I cannot follow every step yet, but I have just bookmarked this, and I am going to use it as you describe, step by step.

    I have a site about mountains and although have thousands of photos, I have not been making videos, which is simply regretful. Time for a big change.

    There is no point to ask questions at this stage, and I have many, like what is spotlight? I guess it will become clear when I start going through the steps. Many thanks, this post I shall use for sure.

    • Hi Jovo, glad to be bright and clear:) with your website about mountains, you must have stunning pictures, and you can even make a video here with all pictures and oneliners to go with it, A spotlight you make after you have uploaded your video to youtube and you need to have your own video channel on youtube for that. Success in creating you first video Jovo! Loes

  11. I love reading sites like this because they help so much with mine 🙂 I don’t know how to do everything yet, it’s a long learning process. You have broken things down nicely and it is very educational! Your informational on how to make your own video linked to your site, is very helpful! I can’t wait to go try it 🙂 I like how you say “The future is Yours!” I found your site helpful and encouraging. It is so important to find that. Thanks!

    • Hello KayliAnne, beautiful name:) glad you found my website enjoyable and I hope to see you back here. You can learn all about nice little additions for on your website:) greetings Loes

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