How to start your own website for free

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What are the main things you have to think about before you start your own website? What are the most important rules you should follow in this matter? I have 5 websites up and running, but I made several beginners mistakes, though, and I write this blog for you, so you can start your website as a professional!

Here is my advice for

How to start your own website

1. Where to start your website?

The first website I created was made with a CD. With no knowledge at all. No idea of what or where to think about. I called up a friend when I had FTP upload problems. Never heard of Google analytics at all. I had a counter on my website, and after a year, I was still the only visitor and fan of my website! Without any support, it will be harsh to attract a lot of visitors to your website.

My No. #1  recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, with 24/7 technical and international personal support.

How to start your own website

2. Which theme to use?

My No. #1 recommendation is a WordPress theme. (Free to use on Wealthy Affiliate)

Use a responsible theme, that means, it will adjust itself for mobile devices. And we live nowadays in the time of mobility. Your website has to be read well on a tablet or a mobile phone as well. Other issues where you have to think about is the layout of the theme. Does it provide all bars you want? How do you want to present your content? Do you need a left and right sidebar? Do you want several menus displayed? Some themes only provide one menu. When you saw a great WordPress theme and you want to know which one it is, go to WordPress theme detector to find out.

3. Which domain name?

Your domain name is your branding. My first domain name was, unfortunately, nobody was typing this search term into the Google search, so that was not a good idea. Before signing up for a good domain name, think about what you want to share with your website. Then find a good keyword tool, to search which terms are possible attracting traffic. You should find a short and catchy name, so people will remember it. Because I didn’t know all of this, my own domain name could have been better. does not present a Top choice. At first, the grammar is not to good, it should have been Work from home. Besides that, it is too long. My other website has a better one,

My No #1 recommendation, for the best keyword tool ever, is Jaaxy, first 30 searches are free, enough to find yourself a Top Domain name!

Jaaxy most advanced keyword research tool

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate Premium account and is free to use for premium members.

4. Which Niche?

Very much attached to your domain name choice, is the niche you want to write about. At first, you narrow down your niche as much as possible. Per example: You know a lot about health, that is a very broad subject.  Put the word Health into the keyword search tool, and see how you can narrow it down. You are very good at making healthy recipes. But your specialty is recipes for kids. You have the compacity to turn every dinner into a feast for fussy eaters. This search is done with the Ubersuggest keyword tool. And it brings you the Top Domain name which covers your content very well.

How to Start your own Website

5. Is this domain name still free?

A domain name is a unique address, so it is important to look if your domain name is still available.

You can look for available domain names on websites as GoDaddy or Name Cheap.

I have checked, but that one is taken already.

How to start your own website

picky eaters, fussy eaters, recipesforpickyeaters are taken too, but dinnerforpickyeaters is still free.

How to start your own website

 As you can see, I have looked for a [dot] com. For a commercial website, it is advisable to take a [dot] com extension.

How to Start your own Website

6. Find a supportive and helpful community.

I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate before, and I can promise you with my hand on my heart, that Wealthy Affiliate has all it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer. The technical support, a free membership with 2 WordPress websites, tutorials, the community and the perfect keyword tool. And when you really want to take it all to a professional level, you can upgrade to a premium membership which gives you access to the complete library of knowledge available on the Wealthy Affiliate premises.

 The Wealthy Affiliate Premises


7. How to start your own website.

You have decided to start a website.

You have found where to look for a domain name.

You know how to define your niche.

You know where to check-up the theme you want to use.

And you have found our Wealthy Affiliate community, helpful and supportive!


My offer to you is a 7 – days free trial on the Wealthy Affiliate University!

I offer you a golden opportunity of 7 x 7

7 days to create your own free website with all support you need.

7 days to meet people from our community.

7 days to see all knowledge available to you.

7 days to chat with members.

7 days to write a blog per day for the community

7 days to follow the free tutorial video’s

7 days to see for yourself if you found the pot with gold under the rainbow!

Do you want all the support you can get on how to start your own website?

Would you? Should you? 

What do you have to lose?

Learn all about Affiliate Marketing and website developing.

I will personally meet you there,

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