How To Write And Publish An eBook

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It’s on your bucket list! To write a book, an ebook or to publish a PDF. But where to start? How and where do you get the affordable help of a professional? How do you get your book on the bookshelf of other people? When this is what you are looking for, please read on…

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Website: REEDSY

Location: Based in over 30 countries

Funded: By the European Union

History: Reedsy was founded in the summer of 2014

Company policy: Donate to Room to Read, a non-profit organization that provides girls in Africa and Asia with access to education

Founders: Emmanuel Nataf, Ricardo Fayet, Vincent Durand and Matt Cobb


What is Reedsy?

In the event that you are an independent publishing writer who needs to know how to organize a book, there are a lot of devices and assets accessible to you. You have the possibility to write a book in Word, however, you shouldn’t simply settle on this decision, of course. You set aside the opportunity to investigate the diverse choices accessible for organizing your original book because creating a clean design is a significant part of your success.

In this process for arranging a book, Reedsy will give you tips for delivering an expert looking at your final product, and clarify how their own, one of a kind, free book creator, the Reedsy Book Editor, can make the perfect basic for you.

Basically, here are the 6 stages of organizing a book:

Import your book into the Reedsy Book Editor

Update the formatting with the Reedsy arranging bar

Include pictures, endnotes, and scene breaks

Include a cover for your digital book

Arrange your front issue

Select the document you require: EPUB to make a digital book or PDF for print-on-request (POD)

Why Use the Reedsy Editor?

For what reason would it be advisable for me to utilize the Reedsy Book Editor to arrange my book?

With the contribution of the master editors, they enable writers to make compositions that meet the exclusive expectations set by the business. Regardless of whether you need to make a digital book, or create physical duplicates, there are numerous of motivations to use the editor. No foreknowledge required, your work is safely stored in the cloud and available for any device. Professionally templates, unlimited exports and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Reedsy Pricing and comparison



Reedsy Credit system

Reedsy has an internal credit system.

Invite friends of your own to earn more credits!

Invited users must sign up as an author and contract with a professional through the Reedsy marketplace.

All credit accumulated can only be used on the Reedsy marketplace.


The Editors

The editors have selected the services they offer according to the categories that best represent their skills. An editor can, of course, choose several categories.


  • Editorial assessment
  • Developmental editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading

Editorial assessment

An editorial assessment is a valuable first overview of your manuscript by a professional editor.

Developmental editing

Developmental editors look at everything — the forest and the trees, side-by-side. They make your whole book fit together better.

Copy Editing

Copy editors are mechanics for language: they edit your book’s text or “copy.”


Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. It’s the ultimate polish on your final files before they go to the printer or digital press.

Payments to professionals

After you’ve contacted a professional for editing your book, you will receive an offer. Payments are made via Reedsy using your credit or debit card. To get a discount on services, you can tell your friends about Reedsy and they will reward you with a $25 coupon to spend on the marketplace.




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  1. Steven says:

    I have just completed putting together an eBook so this is great and timely information for me. This post clearly shows the value Reedsy can provide. I am interested to see how it can help me get the eBook to the next stage and published online and for sale through Amazon and Kindle. My next online stop is teh Reedsy website!
    Thank you, Loes

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