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This tutorial will show you how to create an HTML anchor, a jump link, which brings your costumers directly to a particular place on your page. I also will show you the HTML anchor code for a “back to the top” jump link.

To show you how I use a page on my other website where you can see the working of the back to the top jump link, and the anchor links to the specific item on the page.

How to Create HTML Anchor, Jump Link Tutorial

There are two codes needed,


html anchor, jump link, how to create


At first you switch from Visual to Text




You search in the text area for the sentence you want to place your text code beneath.

I searched for the sentence “Kids art, Art and Crafting Ideas at Low Cost that Kids will Love”

and look where the HTML code stops. There I am going to enter my text code.




After you have pasted the text link, you have to place the HTML anchor.




1. Scroll down to the point where you want to link to, in my case the H2 Color with Wool.

2. Paste the HTML anchor just before the text code.

3. Update the page.





Now we are going to make the back to the top HTML anchor,

the jump link which will bring your visitors “back to the top”.

HTML text jump link <a href=”#Back to Top”>Back to Top</a> this link I place now into this text area, so I copy it and switch over to Text

HTML anchor link <a name=”Back to Top”></a> this link I copy and place it at the very top of my text area.
Back to Top


For an anchorlink from one page to an article half way down on another page

you can use this code:

<a href=”http://pagename#anchorname”>anchorname</a>

<a name=”anchorname” id=”anchorname“></a>


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial about HTML anchor, jump link.


“HTML Anchor, Jump Link”

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  1. Peter says:

    Hello Loes and thanks very much for this. I’ve often wondered if it was possible to do this and if so how, and now I know! Thanks!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Peter, great to see you again, in a very grey past, I wrote a complete website in html, so somewhere in my brain has to be more of this:) Loes

  2. Sarah says:

    This is so handy! I’ve got a plugin for this sort of thing but now I think I’m going to just create the links on my own and get rid of the plugin to help site speed. Thanks!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply, before getting rid of the pluggin, you’d better learn some more links like this:)I am planning to bring out more, Greetings Loes

  3. Seth says:

    Talking about a web coding I am zero and I am looking for a class for a basic study. Glad to see this post. This is something I really need to learn. Will check more.

    • Loes says:

      Hello Seth, thank you for your reaction, always handy to now some basic moves, you are welcome to surf around 🙂 greetings Loes

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