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Hundreds of animated name signatures or banners for less than 14,49 dollars. How do you do that? Here is a tutorial about how you make animated signatures and banners yourself.

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I have used a couple of programs to make these animated name signatures and banners.

A minute of video is word 1.8 million words ~Dr. James McQuivey Click To Tweet


1. Apache open office impress (Free download)

You can also use the Microsoft program “Powerpoint”

2. The free gif image website Animaatjes(Dutch) or Picgifs(English)

3. Screencast program Screencast-o-matic

The paid Screencast-o-matic version without logo cost 18 dollars/year, but I will give you 20% off if you purchase this today.

For only 14,40 for a whole year, you can use a logo-free screencast program.

4. The free online converter

The training

At the front, my excuse, for my Open office program is in Dutch, but I will translate the actions to take.

1. Open an empty presentation and choose an empty layout



2. Insert your image found on Animaatjes or Picgifs

4. Add text, I used 4 separated text fields


4. Add effects, I used the same effects on all, image and text


5. Click on presentation

See where you have to change things in the timing or effects


 6. Insert a blank dia with the text start

That is necessary to start the screencast video exactly in time

7. Start the presentation on click


8. Start the screencast recorder Screencast-o-matic



9. Measure it correctly


10. Start recording and click to start the presentation

Keep trying to get the perfect results, click on the trashcan if you are not satisfied, and click on DONE when you are satisfied.


  • Done?
  • Save as video file
  • Click on the file name to rename
  • Click on the folder to browse your maps
  • Click on publish




11. Go to

  • Choose for Video to GIF
  • Upload your video
  • Set the timer (max 30 sec.)



12. Click on convert to GIF

Resize your gif if it turns out too big

13. Save your GIF


14. Upload your gif to your website or to any social media platform.

resized name signature bird

dolphin Loes name signature

Awesome name signatures

Here are some banners and featured images I made with the help of Screencast-o-Matics,, video maker,, and Open office impress from Apache. You can make hundreds of animated banners and name signatures now 🙂

It looks a bit busy here, but of course, you don’t normally use them all together on one post. I often take images through different programs to get the result I want.

Here is the link to surf to my list of 301+ free to use, cool amazing website tools  You can create awesome stuff online yourself! Make more of your website, make your website stand out with my unique tutorials.

More posts about creating moving banners and animated signature makers


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