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What would you say, when I told you I have a system developed to follow you everywhere you go, with everything you do, and I can hear everything you say and everything read that you write online? How would you like that?

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I know everything about YOU! I track you down to the grocery shop and my system combines your bought groceries to the place you go. It tells me that you are going to have a party on the next block, with friends. Yes, I know that too, you are “friends” with that couple. And I see other “friends” arrive at the party. They brought food too. It’s an American party. I follow up the images you provide and the text messages you share.

I knew weeks before this party was organized because a couple of friends searched for BBQ’s and dish spray. And I served you with all kind of ads about party tents because I already knew the weather could be rainy. And local ads about possible restaurants as an alternative when the weather would turn out bad. I tricked you into buying that very wrong apron because I told you that celeb you love so much was wearing it too.

I also know one of your best friends has an STD. You were talking about it on Whatsapp with another friend and I found out which friend it was because I tracked him down to his insurance company while he was looking for the symptoms and solutions about this particular disease.

I know you also have a mistress. I followed you both to that parking lot. And after that, to that vague hotel. I don’t care, but I do know! Usually, your phone is laying on another night locker. Next to the phone of another girl.

You’re flouting the rules of your boss too, I know, you’ve texted your boss, that you are in a traffic jam because of an accident on the road, but I know for sure you were NOT. You were doing some shopping at your bosses time.

I know where you eat, where you sleep, where you fill your tank, where you shop and even what you shop. I know if you have pets and if you have children.

Do you want to know about my unbelievable accurate system? 

I am known under the name “FACEBOOK”we are phishing in your pond

We own over 31 products you probably don’t know about

We follow you, your friends and family and all that they are doing, saying and writing on the internet. We know about every happy event and illness. We have placed millions of almost invisible pixels on websites which are using my plugin or have the like and share button displayed. We watch you openly and secretly. We have our pixels spread widely. From insurance company websites to online stores. And from sports accommodations to major events. From Apps to websites. EVERYWHERE!


We Know Everything About YOU!

  • We save every private message from FB messenger, private?????

private_conversation Facebook

  • We keep track of all your installed apps
  • We invest time and effort to your ad interests

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  • We keep track on your events
  • And of course on your “Friends”
  • We save all your Whatsapp data
  • We keep your photos in the store
  • We combine and keep track of your location using FB apps
  • And we track down who has poked you and when

XXXXXXX has poked Loes Knetsch

Sunday 8 February 2015 om 16:27 UTC+01

XXXXXXX has poked Loes Knetsch

Sunday 2 Augustus 2015 om 2:20 UTC+02

XXXXXXX has poked Loes Knetsch

Thursday 15 Oktober 2015 om 0:14 UTC+02

XXXXXXX has poked Loes Knetsch

Monday 14 December 2015 om 22:10 UTC+01

XXXXXXX has poked Loes Knetsch

Monday 15 February 2016 om 10:20 UTC+01

XXXXXXX has poked Loes Knetsch

Wednesday 3 Augustus 2016 om 19:07 UTC+02
  • We save your account activity
  • We follow your surfing by adding a little pixel to websites via our FB plugin
  • We keep every message you ever placed on your timeline and everybody else’s timeline
  • They even keep the Chrismas cards and videos you’ve sent

Facebook uses your messages, photos, and videos
Facebook keeps track of your likes, location, and friendships
Facebook collects information about your devices and internet usage
Facebook shares data between Facebook services
The more personal the advertisement, the more money for Facebook

Do you want to know what records Facebook has on you?


Go to Facebook>Settings>Download copy

Go to Facebook>Settings>Privacy>Reconsider your settings

Who is Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

Did Zuckerberg make money with facebook?

Net Worth:

$68.6 Billionmark zuckerberg

  • Source of Wealth:


  • Age:


  • Birth Place:

    White Plains, New York, United States

  • Marital Status:

    Married (Priscilla Chan)

  • Full Name:

    Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

  • Nationality:


  • Date of Birth:

    May 14, 1984

  • Education:

    Harvard University

  • Children:

    1 (Maxima)

Your Government

What would you say when your Government followed you like Facebook does? When your government would do this, you would protest with all your might! Listen in to your phone calls, watching your Whatsapp, your surf behavior, your private messages etc.

Luckily, the Government needs juridical permission to interfere in our private lives. Facebook doesn’t seem to need juridical permission. So, I think our Governments need to step in right now!

It’s time that our politicians intervene and write some very firm laws to prevent this kind of data storage and espionage.

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