On this website, you will find information on a basic education about how to set-up a website and how to monetize your website. A must have to succeed online. The basics are very important for an online business, it is the foundation for your future success. The online course of Wealthy Affiliate is up-to-date and unique because of its completeness. Wealthy Affiliate is an all in service; Website, hosting, security, education, personal and community support, domain registration, keyword tool, an affiliate program and all necessary tools to work with on one platform.

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Have you ever thought of starting a new business? What about to start an online business?


How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business


It is our expertise to help people overcome any obstacle.

We are Wealthy Affiliate, for over 10 years we are helping people with the process of building a successful business of their own.
The founders: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim have created a unique concept, and within this unique system, every member has the ability
to bring value into the community.

Starting a new business requires skills.

We will assist you to develop knowledge and skills. Everything you need is built into our video course.
We are aware that there are sometimes promises made on the internet that is false. And that is why
we offer you a 7-day trial. In this week, you are able to experience what Wealthy Affiliate is. 

  • You will build a website.
  • You will meet the members of the forum and in the live chat.
  • You can ask questions.
  • There are 20 free lessons which you can try out.
  • Your own profile page will be made instantly.
  • You can experience the first live class on Friday evening.

Our Wealthy Affiliate Team.

Behind the scenes, our team is continuously working on improving all projects. They are passionate and very competent.
A team you can rely on. They improve the way people do business online and find the most efficient way and integrate it directly
into the course material and on the website.

Kyle and Carson

In addition to these two leaders, there are about 20 permanent employees working behind the scenes to let everything run smoothly.

Wealthy Affiliate has the most helpful and caring community in the world.

The most frustrating thing is when you want to accomplish something and you need help, that you get stuck because there is
no-one on the other end to help you. The WA community is 24/7 awake and available with all kinds of expertise and is exactly
what you need. We will be there for you all day. 7 days a week!


Your business opportunity, our offer.

Coaching Program

  • The moment you sign up, I will be there to welcome you.
  • You can send me a personal message for all your questions.
  • You get help from the best members when you ask your questions on the community forum.
  • The owners, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, are active in the community and approachable for coaching.
  • You will never walk alone.

What means Wealthy Affiliate to me? Read more…

Read more about the Wealthy Affiliate educational program…

how to turn your passion into a business, starting a new business, start an online business


All in one place! Education, free hosting, websites, support, you can even buy your own domain name at Wealthy Affiliate.

So what are you waiting for? Here is a personal invitation to try things out!

See you on the premises!

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how to turn your passion into a business, starting a new business, start an online business

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