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Improve Alexa Ranking Website — 4 Comments

  1. Good Morning Loes,

    When I checked my websites in the past I have wondered myself how does Alexa know all these things?

    In this new Internet age, nothing seems impossible anymore. I am happy you wrote this post to clarify all the hows and whys. I am going to check again to see if there has been some improvement over these past months. I do know they penalize me for not participating in Facebook, Twitter, and co. To only do Pinterest does not seem enough but it is all I want and can handle at the moment.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske, thank you for your comment, it does help when you are active on several multi-media sites, I was surprised to find out which sites are ranking high in the Alexa list. A lot of sites I will not visit for sure.


  2. For a website to rank in top 10 alexa is something else. For a site like wealthy affiliate not to even be in the first 1000 of Alexa shows that bloggers don’t even stand a chance of coming up in the first 1000. Those that are able to make it must have a great level of experience for them to achieve such a thing.

    I have never used Alexa to check where exactly the position of my website is at. I would have to find out so I know and even monitor the ranking of my website.

    • Hi Jay, it does indeed take a long breath to get into the Alexa ranking list and don’t hold your breath for getting into the top 10, as you can read in my article, it’s easy to find out if your website is ranking at Alexa.

      Success getting in there 🙂


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