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When you put content into an iframe, you can use any information of every website to inform your public thoroughly without duplicating the content or to copy content what belongs to someone else.

At what point can I use an iFrame?

There are a few purposes of utilizing iFrames. You can use them for recordings from YouTube, slideshows from Slide Share, maps from Google or material from an ad. And you can utilize an iFrame to insert a PDF file on a webpage, so clients don’t need to download them as a report. An iFrame works like an ‘inline’ picture, which enables you to use material from another site without being pirated on your site.

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Why and when to use an iFrame?


  • You have written a book and you want to share a couple of pages with your visitors to make it easy for them to decide if they want to buy the book. When you are interested in reading more about how to create a PDF, click here.


  • When you are sharing recipes and want to make it easy for your visitors to print them, you can share them in an iFrame.

Wikipedia information

  • You have written an in-depth article and you want to share some more background information directly on your website. In that case, you can easily embed the web page of Wikipedia.

Video sharing

The most common use of iframes is for sharing videos. Vimeo and Youtube movies are embedded in iframes.

What are the problems when using iFrames?

Previously, Google and other web crawlers couldn’t look through the material inside an iFrame. Despite the fact that guests could see the content, their robots were unable to. The content of the iFrame could not be listed to enhance the SEO information of a site. Sometimes the robots could come inside an iFrame but they couldn’t get out a while later. Thus, the content was not recorded as a component of the site.

These days, the web crawlers can, without any effort, go forward and backward between the typical site and the iFrames. Some of the time an iFrame enhances the SEO if the content of the iFrame and accommodates the SEO of the website.

Are using iFrames make you a plagiarist?

Since an iFrame points out to another website page as opposed to copying it, an iFrame does not cause counterfeiting. The pursuit bots perceive the <iframe> tag and will, therefore, not enlist the content as literary theft from another site. Rather, they enroll the source URL in the HTML language structure and the respect goes to the first site.

What is the effect of using iFrames on my ranking?

The web index bots think about the content of iFrames as the content of another site, you can just expect that there is no impact. iFrames are not expected to disintegrate or enhance your positioning.

Nevertheless, it fits not to use iFrames on vital pages that you need to get high in the web index, iFrames do not assist you with your SEO positioning. Rather, put valuable, remarkable data on these imperative pages and put the iFrames on other pages. That’s all I have to say about iFrames and SEO. For more tips and hacks for SEO, look at my tutorials in the menu bar.

Which effect have iFrames on my website speed?

The iFrame is loading an external web page when you frame a website. Therefore, you depend on the loading speed of that website. It’s sensible to add iFrames below the fold. Also, don’t use too many iFrames on a page. A PDF which is uploaded to your own library doesn’t have that kind of negative effect.

How can you create an iFrame?

I have created a few iFrame examples

It’s not hard to create an iFrame, you do not need to learn any coding.

This free online to use iFrame generator does all the work for you.

iFrame without a scrollbar from a web page

Here is the direct link to the online iFrame-Generator

iFrame from a PDF with a scrollbar

1001 Niche Ideas For A Website

I wrote this 15 pages long PDF myself and if you wish you can download the print-friendly version, without images here,

Print-friendly version 1001 Niche Ideas

iFrame from my website with a scrollbar.

This is kids art, garbage art for kids

This is kids art arose from picturing all creative art the kids in my daycare are creating. Next, to developing websites, I run a daycare at my home and I take care of 5 boys and 1 girl, before and after school times. You can see that you can use the complete website within the iFrame.

Under the menu button “CREATIVE IDEAS” you find all “FREE CRAFT IDEAS FOR KIDS”

Embedded video in iFrame


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  1. Glenys says:

    Thank you for this very informative article on inserting PDF’s. I have not written my first eBook yet, but I really like the idea of having content available at a simple click of a button rather than the more dated (and clunky) subscribe, download, save, open that has been so common for decades.
    I am happy to hear that iFrames do not compromise original content or plagiarism rights and that the original author is still respected. This fact is very important to me and I always acknowledge the original author when I embed a Video and I also include a link to the authors channel as well.
    Thank you for pointing out that iFrames should be added below the scroll – I try and do this wherever possible.
    Thank you for adding the link to the iFrame generator. I will play around with that one for sure.
    I was just wondering if you were also looking to do a small screencast video on how to insert an iFrame? I feel that a 2 minute video would help my learning a lot. Thank you

    • Loes says:

      Hi Glenys, thank you, just like with YouTube videos and PDF’s you can add also other videos in an iframe. For some you might have to change the extension, or load it up through FTP, when the video is over 8MB. And 8MB is not that much. WP only allows us to load up files up to 8MB.

      Success using iframes on your next posts:)


  2. Lawrence says:

    Now that was interesting – so much so that I have bookmarked to come back to this.

    Sounds like iFrames are the solution to a couple of things I have previously had issues with – you are one smart lady.

    Many thanks for sharing what is to most of us an intensely technical subject


    • Loes says:

      You’re welcome Laurence, iframes are very useful to prevent eg. duplicated content and to share partial ebooks. I am very glad you’ve found my post interesting, have a great day. And enjoy using iframes from now on:) Loes

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