Internet Marketing Statistics 2016

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It’s really important to follow the rules on the internet. To implement some kind of strategy. When you just do something, it will not really be a success. There are a couple of things you need to consider. Eg. Who are your customers? Is your website mobile friendly? More and more people are using the mobile phone for the internet.

Internet Marketing Statistics 2016


Internet Marketing Statistics 2016

What should be on top of your list for 2016?

  • Mobile friendly! Mobile friendly! Mobile friendly! It can’t be said enough, but please check if your website is mobile friendly! As you can read from the stats, more and more people will use mobile devices. And Google will punish your website(s) when they are not mobile friendly. They will definitely drop in ranking fast! Click here for a check-up.
  • The second priority you should have is: Go for quality content, rather than quantity content. Write quality blog posts. Fill in all SEO in the correct way, add feature image, use H2-H6 correctly. Here is a list you can use. 25 points you should check before you hit the publish button.
  • Do really thorough keyword research. It’s of great importance you distinguish yourself from the crowd. Do not aim at the most popular keywords, you can’t beat those big fish, aim for the low hanging fruit keywords. Better on page 1 of Google and gain 24 visitors, than on page 3450 and gain nothing.  Click here to find the Ferrari under the keyword research tools.
  • Share and interact on social media sites. Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr. Retweet, like, connect! But don’t waste your time there. Automate your activities as much as possible. After all, you should focus on quality content writing. Use programs as Buffer or Twuffer. Click here to find these and more programs,  collected on Social Media. I invite you to connect with me too 🙂
  • It’s good to spread your work using email and advertising but do this smart. Mail ads, email marketing does not convert the most. So use your time wisely and automate this as much as possible. Create next to your list building a blog broadcast with Aweber. You can start a free ad campaign on AD ViralizerQuite fun to create your own ads and it is totally free!

See you @ the TOP!

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