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Internet Marketing Strategies, a good SEO blogpost — 22 Comments

  1. This was very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing. I am pretty new to WA but love everything about it. I noticed that your first picture is a shot of the All in One SEO and at the bottom of your post you have a shot of Yoast? I recognize it because that is what I have been using. Can you suggest which is better and if I am able to uninstall Yoast and go back to All in One without messing up my content?

    • Hi Eva, I went back to SEO All in one, and I got the option to copy all content from Yoast to SEO AIO, I think Yoast is very helpful for people (like me) who are complete nitwits with SEO. But once you have got the hang of it, they are both good. I have written a checklist of 25 points for SEO, you can find it here Checklist Transfering from one plugin to another can always mess up things, I can not give you any guarantees. Loes

  2. Hi Loes,

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the support you provide and your expert tutelage. I’ve been around the affiliate and online marketing arena for over a decade and seen just about every scam out there. I’ve made a nice extra paycheck online and have always searched for a solid, real online business opportunity to help others and Wealthy Affiliate rocks. I urge anyone reading this to listen well to Loes as she’s a gem and the perfect guide to help you build an online business you can be proud of and one day reach financial independence.

    Keep up the great work, Loes!


    • Thank you so much PJ, you really put some feathers on my hat! And as you say, Wealthy Affiliate rocks. Never ever in my whole life, I encountered such a helpful community. And it’s great to have you as a colleague too, see you around back stage:)Loes

  3. Hi Loes,
    Always a pleasure reading your blogs, I always find something of interest on every page that helps me in my endeavours. Nice write up and it has made it clear about tags that I was unsure about.

    Good luck for the future

    • Hi Wayne, nice to meet you here:) My successful example in the marketing business:) Glad to be of help to you! Great! Loes

  4. Hi Loes,as always your tutorial is great.Thank you for sharing.I have learn something today.Will bookmark so that I can review it later on.

  5. Thank you for the very useful tips and sharing your expertise and knowledge with us Loes.
    It is much appreciated.

  6. Hey Loes, thanks for sharing this most important piece of information. I have learned so much just browsing your Affiliate marketing training and will visit again. Cheers

    • Hi Glenn, glad to be of help to you, I wish you a lot of success with your business, have a nice day, greetings Loes

  7. Hello Loes, I must compliment you on being such a great instructor. You make it easy to understand and follow along because you show graphics and examples. I use the Yoast plugin and really love it. Some things I always wondered about was the keyword density. You explained very well. I was under the impression that we shouldn’t use our keyword too much throughout our blog post. The other is I notice you use hashtag with your tags. What is benefit? I’m not familiar with hashtag use.

    I appreciate your work and look forward to reading your posts and blogs.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Angela, thanks for your reply, great to read you benifit from my tutorial, I really can’t tell you about if the hashtag is good or bad, someone told me it should give a boost, others are in the contrary against using them, my last posts I stopped using hashtags, because it doesnot seem to make any difference. Kind regards Loes

  8. Hello Loes, I found your article very informative. I have 2 questions for you. Do you put title, description and keywords for every post, page in all in one seo plugin?
    The second one is from where you get these results after title “When you did all of this you are ready to publish!” ?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Dean, nice to see you here, to answer your questions, yes I put for every post the title, description and keyword or keywordphrase into the SEO plugin. I only use Yoast, and yaost gives all these results, and after I got all green lights from yoast, I am ready to publish. I hope I aswered your questions properly, if not, please specify what you further want to know, have a nice day 🙂 Loes

  9. Very good article. There is a lot of competition for listings and we need all the help we can get and here is the info to just that. This validates the information I have been giving others.

    • hello Luba, thank you very much, I just share everything I learn on my road to success, and hope it will bring you success too, greetings Loes

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