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If you have a lot of visitors to your website, and you don’t earn money from the internet? That’s a pity and a waste, do you agree?  How about earning some money from your online efforts? An affiliate marketing program or Adsense ads could be very beneficial to you. You could monetize your website, you know? You could even consider to start up a website if you haven’t any yet. And start earning a bit of money of the enormous flood that goes over the internet every day.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing means that you place advertisements for products and services of certain companies on your website. If someone clicks on this advertisement and purchases a product or service on the website of the advertiser, you will earn a commission on this. The amount you can earn depends on various factors and is always variable.


Where And How To Advertise?

Most affiliate programs give you the option to advertise their products in different ways. There is the possibility to link to a specific product, or simply to the entire website. Sometimes it even goes further. Amazon, one of the larger affiliate companies, offers opportunities to generate a complete webshop. This means that you do not have to do anything yourself, except to ensure that the products are offered via your website.

As soon as people go to the cash register, the code automatically passes them through. This is useful when you have a fairly large space to advertise. If you have a website with a newsletter, you can also advertise in that for the products.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

A few companies have their own affiliate programs, but most companies work via an affiliate network. They outsource all administrative matters and join a specialist network. There are a lot of affiliate networks active on the internet. You can find a few on my other post, “Top Affiliate Networks and Best Affiliate Marketing Training

What Will I Advertise?

There are many people with a website and there are also many people who try to earn money from their website. These people often end up with affiliate marketing. But is your website suitable for that? Is the subject on your website suitable to promote products? It’s very simple: Any niche can be made profitable. For every subject, there are some products that you can advertise for!

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time. Thomas Jefferson Click To Tweet

Writing Reviews And Comparisons

Someone will not be directly tempted to buy something through your website because there is a link on it. That is why it is best to write an article about it, with the advantages and disadvantages of a product. Or a comparison with the same product from another brand.

Share On Social Media

When you have written your article, you can share this on Social Media, to reach out to your followers there. Social Media is a very powerful tool for advertising. More and more people are joining Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and other Social Media platforms. You can choose the one, or perhaps a few which suits your business best.

Ads On Your Website Affiliate marketing course

Do not fill your entire website with advertisements. Sometimes, I visit websites, where I first have to click away 5 popups, and also have to click some away during reading the article. That is very annoying. It is better to have a few ads on your page or into your sidebar. So, that you earn an income from it. Than that you chase away people because it’s overloaded with advertisements and popups. Because remember, the ads are there for yourself and for the convenience of your visitors. Only place ads that match the content of your website and your target audience, and only in places where they are least annoying.

What Are Adsense Ads?

Adsense is an advertising service from Google. When you have a lot of visitors, this can become an additional way of earning money from your website. After you have applied for Adsense, you get a code which you can paste into the header area. That makes it for Google Adsense possible to place automatic ads on your website. They will appear in the sidebar and in between the content you have written. Every time a visitor sees the advertisement, you will get paid a few pennies. When people actually click the Google ad and buy something on the website of the advertiser, you will get a little more.

Why Adsense?

The main reason why people use Adsense ads on their website is that it’s easy. It’s a one-time action. You place the code and the ads are running. Besides that, there is always a tiny little chance that…YOUR POST GOES VIRAL! And when that happens, you will get a couple of million views. Ka-ching!

Here is the link to Google Adsense, it’s about time to get some money back from the internet!

Google AdSense – Make Money Online through Website Monetization

Google Adsense has some rules. One of those rules is that you never click your own links! And they are strict! You are out of there before you can blink your eyes.


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