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The Wealthy Affiliate community is settled all over the world. And my good friend Jessica lives in Alaska. She writes regularly about the beautiful environment in Alaska on our forum. Read here one of her blogs. 

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Jessica has a BA in Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Studies and she is close to finishing her graduate degree in Ocean and Coastal Studies.

The beauty of Alaska

Interview with Jessica, my Alaskan friend

interview question 1

1) I started my first website in my late 20’s but it was with another hosting platform that offered no support or training. It did not go anywhere. I started my first successful website with Wealthy Affiliate when I was 35.

interview question 2

2) I am currently working on starting my third website and being more consistent with posting to my existing websites.

interview question 4

4) I spend the most money on utilities which are expensive here, food which is expensive here and our mortgage and property taxes.

interview question 5

5) I enjoy being outside in nature, gardening, cooking, photography, taking care of my cats and watching educational shows on cooking, travel, history, and science on TV. I am also a news junkie and like to keep track of current local, national and political issues.

interview question 9

9) In 25 years I will be retired and live off of income from real estate and my websites as well as the retirement I am saving at my job. I hope to “retire” from a regular job much sooner than that however by 50 or 55.

interview question 10

10) I am loyal, honest, curious and always want to learn and try new things. I am extremely independent, want to be my own boss and run my own life. I hate following the crowd. I have a few good friends, not tons of social friends.

interview question 12Alaska bird watching

12) I love all my memories of gardening, running the dog team, bird watching and everything else that went into life in the Alaskan bush.

interview question 15

15) Getting started is the most difficult part of the writing process for me. Once I know what I will write about and get started I can beat out a post complete with affiliate links, keywords, tags, images, image attributes, and the works in a few hours.

interview question 16

16) I would advise picking a niche you are either passionate about and know a lot about, or you want to learn about. Don’t just pick a niche you think will make money. You will likely get bored or burned out and start writing less often, that will hurt your search engine rankings and your sales. Before you start, ask yourself if the niche you are considering is so interesting you could write about it every week for years and not be bored.

interview question 17

17) Make sure you learn about the world, other cultures, and history. There is much more out there than what you may see as a kid growing up. This broad perspective will serve you well in life.

To the lovers of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world ~ John Muir Click To Tweet

interview question 18

18) My favorite animal is the house cat. They are rightly considered the world’s best hunters due to the wide variety of prey they catch (though we control this). They are also one of the very best pets due to their cleanliness, affectionate personalities, and intelligence. They can entertain themselves but love to interact with their people. They are loyal, gentle (with the right patience and guidance), beautiful and make the best snugglers. Their purrs are also healing. They can help heal broken bones, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and depression and even cut the risk of heart attacks. Cats come in all sizes and colors and with very different personalities.

Jessica’s Websites

interview question 19

19 I prefer a quiet, peaceful work environment with plants and a nice beverage.

interview question 22

22) Hypocrisy makes me angry. So many people say one thing and do another or judge someone on the same things they do themselves.

interview question 24

24) Being outside in nature, watching wild birds, smelling flowers and walking in the woods makes me happy. I am also happy by a nice river, lake or ocean where it is quiet and peaceful.

Enjoy this video about Alaska

interview question 25

25) I am most passionate about natural solutions for health, nature, family and being an entrepreneur.

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing a part of your life, I believe we can imagine why your walks in nature are of great benefit to you. Alaska looks peacefully and at the same time pristine and inhospitable.

Enjoy the nature walks in Alaska with Jessica

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Hey, nice to meet you. I am Loes and I love to work, create and make money on the internet. My vision for the future is promising because the activities and sales go to triple over the next few years. You can take advantage of it too. Step into the world of affiliate marketing today, and work towards financial freedom for you and for your family. If you would like to learn how to build your own Wordpress website, click here to open your free account today!


    Nice and informative interview with Jessica but the question 9, caught my attention . Where do you think you will be after 25 years? Because it share the opinion with what I will become in the next 25years. The funniest is we started wealthy affiliate the same year 35 year. Good and educative interview.

    • Loes says:

      Perhaps 10 years ahead would have been a more realistic question. But you got the meaning:)  It would be very nice to be retired with an incredible income, to go places and see people all over the world. I have so many good friends at Wealthy Affiliate I would like to visit.


  2. Tim Bennett says:

    I think it is always really nice to meet other people from Wealthy Affiliate.

    We are such a diverse crowd with so many different likes and motivations.

    I liked your post. It was soothing to read.

    I don’t walk too much, however I cycle a lot. I live in Southern Thailand right now and the roads here a great for cycling.

    I can understand the peace your guest gets from walking in such beautiful surroundings.

    Interviews are a great way to share ideas, so I really liked your post


    • Loes says:

      Thailand is also a great place on earth to enjoy nature. That’s what I miss in the Netherlands, we have everything cultivated. No wildness here anymore. Thanks for your comment Tim


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