Job Openings For Teens

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It’s open day at our school! Come in and take a peek! Will online working become your future profession? Like Jerry, Reim, and Ian? Don’t be shy, please, come in and take a look at what we are doing 🙂
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Service Opportunities Teens

The teenager of the past is very different from you, the teenager of today, you are critical and well informed. The current teenager is already in full development. And an important trend is that you know what you want, everything, better known as “have it all society”. People are born service-minded, and here lies a great opportunity for you to start, at a young age, your online services and promote products.

Employment Opportunities Teenagers

Your living environment makes a lot of difference when it comes to employment. If your parents live in an area where there is little work, as a teenager you often have to travel far for a part-time job. And when your boss does not pay you for travel expenses, then little remains of your youth wage.

Extracurricular Activities Homeschoolers

When your parents have chosen to give you a homeschooling, and also offer extracurricular activities, then an excellent form of an outside school activity is designing your own website with a view to your own future. Finally, you can monetize your website with the right tools and a well-attuned course.

Job Openings For Teens

There are many offers online to make money, shadowy and legal jobs. What you should not believe is that you can earn more than your dad within one week. That’s simply not true!

High School Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are not always easy to find, and when you, as a student, look at 8 weeks of free time, it might be a nice idea to start your own website. You can do this part-time and still have the freedom to go to that awesome beach party too. We have a really cool course ready for you. With videos, we guide you through the teaching materials. Tell me, what would you like to present online on your own website?

Examples of teenager websites

These boys, Jerry, Reim, and Ian, all started their online adventures as a teenager.

Here is the great educational website Guition, Acoustic Guitar, made by the 16-year-old Reim.

Guition of Reim

I started this adventure because I’m passionate about playing the guitar. And I also love to help others, so I thought it would be a good idea to help people who share my interests.


Mere Investing is Ian’s cool helpful website, he offers help with investing and making money online. Ian (20) started his website when he was 19 years of age.

Mere investing of Ian

Mere Investing is about teaching people how to make money online, mostly through investing in things like the stock market and cryptocurrencies. I review resources that will help people achieve financial freedom, and tell them my own tips and tricks about investing.

I started my website, quite frankly, to make money. I have been working the past few summers and winters at a pool construction company from 7-5 every day. There is nothing glamorous about it. So, I began looking at different sources of revenue during the past year. I began investing in the stock market and doing a bit of day trading, and then I branched from that into cryptocurrency. I’ve made a decent amount doing this, but I need a more reliable source of income. I found Wealthy Affiliate, and I just recently started my website Mere Investing. I am coming out with a new website soon, Travels of a Brunette, which is a budget travel advice site. Between the two, I know more about budget travel, but many people know less about the stock market so that is why I chose Mere Investing as my first website.


The first thing I read on Jerry’s Smart Affiliate Success website is the quote of Bo Bennet

Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions & Ordinary People Millionaires. [I ♥ that quote]

Jerry (20): I started my online adventure because since young I know I don’t want to work for other people for life. My father was always working so we had very little time together. I knew I can do something different and live a life that is totally by my own design. That’s why I started looking for opportunities online.

Smart affiliate success of Jerry

Affiliate marketing university

This might, in the beginning, not be the highest paying job, but it can become the most rewarding job for you ever! It is very well possible that you will benefit in the future from your efforts now. When you have set up your own website in the proper way, you’ll be able to maintain your website next to your (school)work.

The Social Media Generation

Completely different from me, the current teen youth is very skilled in the field of Social Media. And it is therefore much easier for you to make and reach online contacts. You can use the benefits of this knowledge.

How you can create a website

There are 2 way to create your own website at the Wealthy Affiliate University

  1. For free, yes totally free but… (of course there is a but, every free offer has a but) you don’t get the help and training opportunities as a paid for account. You do get 2 free websites and free hosting!
  2. Paid for, aka premium, one price, all in!

Click here to take a look at our pricing chart with all features explained.

Free 7 days PREMIUM trial offer

An all-in-tour of 7 days for free! What do you have to lose? Let me tell you everything about our course at the Wealthy Affiliate University. Just pop in, and I’ll be there to explain all ins and outs. It’s open day at our school!

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