The brightest jobs of the future 2050

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Future jobs

When you want a bright and shiny job for work in your future, be sure you are specialized in something. Whether it’s a personal care job, financial advisor or something in the IT. Specialize! There will be a lot of demand for specialists. Keep learning to become the best in your field. The ordinary work can be taken over by robots, but replacing real specialists will take years before robots can take over their work. A robot can do a lot, and specialistic proceedings are often done through a human using a robot.

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Jobs with the brightest future

Healthcare, personal care, Social assistant, construction, IT security consultant, Drone controller, Personal fitness/weight control trainer, Biomedical engineer, Biochemical laboratory technician, Alternative Energy Developer, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Cytogeneticists, Genetic counselors, Nanotechnologists,  Robotic Engineers, Construction Builders.

Mankind has better prospects for aging. Because of the aging of humanity, there will be a great demand for health and personal care jobs. And of course, with the development and innovation of the IT-, nano-, and genetic section, new jobs will arise. Also in the area of sustainability and environment (global warming), you can find a future job.

Emerging jobs of the futurebrightest job professional hacker

Professional hackers for big multinationals, banks and Governments (to test the security), Cybercrime specialist, Digital Image consultant, Virtual teacher, Avatar developer, Space tourist pilot and guide, Sustainability consultant, Asteroid Miner, Food Scientists, Space clinicians, Space Junk Recyclers,  Deep Sea Miners, Virtual Habitat Designer.

There will be more jobs created to keep the living on earth possible and more sustainable. And also jobs in space to find new raw materials out there for innovation of products. New jobs will also be created in the area of research into new raw earthly materials and sustainable products. There will also come job opportunities for the space travel industry. People are simply inclined to push their limits.

Hot jobs of the future

Social Media Specialist, Life coach, and weight control, Game tester, App developer, Personal Brand Manager,  Social Media Managers, Solar System Sellers

The first game testing jobs are already a fact. How would you like it to test computer games and apps for a job? Also, the development of games and apps will be a hot future job. Celebrities and multinational companies will hire personal and company branding specialists. Due to the enormous increase of people suffering from Obese, life coaches and weight control supervisors will have no shortage of work. In the field of medical and chemical research will always be an opportunity to earn a good living.

Entrepreneurship, the internet job

Affiliate marketer, Professional Bloggers, Video Bloggers, Virtual Coin Miners.

Automation will put a lot of people on the sideline. Out of work. And then what? You can decide to start your own business. Offline or online. You often need quite some money to start a brick and mortar business or store. For an online business, as eg. affiliate marketing, you need a computer, internet, and a desk somewhere in a corner of your house. You can even start your own online business in the evening and weekends next to your current job. It’s called a second job opportunity. More and more people will find their future job on the internet. Some activities will be riskier than others.


Always make a responsible choice for Bitcoin storage that fits well with your objectives. Do you want to be able to trade Bitcoins quickly or do youbitcoin want to store them for a longer period of time? In the first case people more often opt for an online storage (with more risks) and in the second case, an offline storage is a better choice. The popularity of Bitcoin and other digital payment units will increase by the day, but cryptocurrencies can never exist without the underlying blockchain technology. A technique that goes much further and offers many more possibilities than just digital payment units, such as the smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The risks of cryptocurrencies 

  • The chances are that a new blockchain network will be developed today or tomorrow, which is much more advanced than the Bitcoin network.
  • The probability that the Bitcoin will be thrown off the throne today or tomorrow will always be present and will be replaced by another coin.
  • The future of Bitcoin is unpredictable. Compete against other digital payment units is one thing, but compete against our traditional currencies such as the euro and the dollar is, of course, a completely different story.
  • If large popular brands decide to ban the Bitcoin in the future, then that is disastrous for the crypto coin. The value of the Bitcoin will quickly drop down in such a case.
  • The risks that Bitcoins are used to finance everything that cannot tolerate daylight is always present. The fact that criminals like to use Bitcoins for all sorts of shadowy purposes is of course nothing new, but it does not seem very favorable to the image and confidence in the Bitcoin.
  • There is also a lot of discussion about the degree of anonymity of the Bitcoin. Of course, the transactions with Bitcoin are more anonymous than payments with a credit card. but they do not tolerate the evasion of the tax.
  • Of all risks, theft of your Bitcoins is undoubtedly the biggest. Even if you take the right precautions. There is always a chance that something goes wrong. Criminals are getting smarter and they always and everywhere find leaks and vulnerabilities.


You can only draw one conclusion about the risks with Bitcoins: the technology is developing and therefore it is not possible to determine exactly where things can go wrong. Keep that in mind when you start trading in Bitcoins. On the other hand, investing is never without risks.

Investing in shares

Shares are known as a riskier asset class. Prices can rise or fall rapidly in a short time. But for those who understand this risk and arm themselves against it, that does not have to be a problem. I explain the risks of investing in shares.

If you decide to invest, it is important that you prepare well. You are the one who decides and influences the risks that you are willing to take. So before you invest, think about your possibilities and expectations:

  • Are you prepared to run risks?
  • Can you miss your money for a longer period of time?
  • Are you investing to supplement your income or do you want to build up a capital for later?
  • If it does not go well with a company, you will lose your money and you will not receive profits.
  • When the company goes bankrupt and you lose your entire deposit.
  • If things are going well, then you will benefit fully from this.
  • A stock investor who enters at the wrong time can lose a lot.


When you start investing in stocks, you have to “have that money”. It should not come out of your living money.


An entrepreneur who succeeds in combining the online and physical sales channel well will have an above-average sales volume than someone who uses only one of these channels.

Do not forget that the consumer does not distinguish between a physical or online product when it comes to the things that are important for him to buy a product or not. The most important factors in that regard are:

  • the assortment of your store.
  • the service.
  • the ability to touch or fit the products.
  • the ease of accessibility and purchase.
  • the availability of product information.
  • the user experiences or recommendations.


The user-friendliness is at the forefront of the customer, both at an online store and a physical store. Things such as payment convenience, service, the speed of shipping, parking and location are very important to your customer.

Affiliate marketing e-commerce sales chart worldwide

As an affiliate marketer, you target the modern shopping online market. Online shopping increases every day.

  • The numbers increase yearly, and the analysts expect a major growth between 2018 and 2025.
  • No major investment
  • Less risky than investing in Bitcoins and shares


This would be the right time to start your online affiliate marketing business. And to start today you would need a computer, an internet connection, a website, enthusiasm and a training.

We have the tools and knowledge to teach you all you need to know to start your online business and to create a bright future.

Worst job of the future

Door-to-door salesman, Call center employee, machine worker of any kind, post delivery (wo)man, Recycling/Radio Active or Chemical Waste Manager.

Why postman? Well, my sister is a mail deliverer, previous it was called postman. The function changed from postman to mail deliverer they have cut down the wages. And they cut down on hours every year too, less post they say, but you still have to run through every street. Written mail is getting less and less, so the postal deliverer gets less and less time and salary.

Why colporteur? Most doors get slammed in your face.

Worst Jobs of the Future

Why Call center employee? You can handle every day all the complaints, no-one ever calls to tell you how well the company performed.

Why machine worker? You got to do work, where they didn’t invent robots for, yet. Simple and mind-numbing.

Why Recycling/Radio Active or Chemical Waste Manager? You can clean up the mess that companies are making, for a hunger wage. With all the health risks that entail this job.

Requirements for future top jobs

Whether you get your degree of some kind, become a specialist or you are a school dropout, there will be a job for you. As a specialist you’ll be working above the robots, as a dropout, you’ll work below the robots. In any case, when you want a well-paid job, you do need to study. Most studies cost thousands of dollars a year. I have chosen for an online course at the Wealthy Affiliate University to become an affiliate marketer. The education for Affiliate Marketer will not cost you 1000.00  not even 500.00 but just 359 for a year total access to all lessons. You can study at your own pace in your own time.

My best course offer to you

  • A 7-day free premium trial, to take a look around and see if you like it.
  • The opportunity to stay on as a free member with 2 totally free hosted websites.
  • First-month premium offer for just 19 USD.
  • Second-month premium 49 USD (and every next month).
  • An annual premium account for only 359 USD! that is 229 discount on the monthly pricing!

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  1. Carla says:

    Hello Loes! I am from the Netherlands as well. I really liked to view your website. It is very well constructed and good information to the public. I thought your first picture was very appropriate I have just read info on what the world will be like going up 2050. All the Best to you in the year of 2018 etc.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Carla, dank je wel, leuk je te ontmoeten, uit welke provincie kom jij? Ik woon in Friesland. Ik ben heel benieuwd of ik 2050 nog mag meemaken, één ding staat vast, er gaat heel veel veranderen, in een sneltrein vaart, de komende periode:) Ik zal dit even vertalen voor mijn Engels-talige lezers:)

      Dank je wel voor het lezen van mijn artikel, fijn dag nog, Loes

      Hi Carla, thank you, nice to meet you, from which provicne are you coming? I live in Friesland. I am very curious if I will still experience 2050, one thing is certain, there is going to change a lot, very fast, the coming period 🙂 I will translate this for my English speaking readers 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, have a great day, Loes

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