Make Money Online Survey

Make Money Online Survey

When you are looking online for earning money, you will end up in a tangle of flash sites.
Promises are filling the air, I give you a “make money online survey”

If the promises are too good to be true, then that’s usually the case!

Make Money Online Survey



What are PTC sites

On “Paid To Click” sites, you get paid for every add you click and look at. You have to watch them up till 60 seconds.

When you reach a certain amount, you can ask for a payout. The adds have different values, from 0,0002 – 0,2 cent a piece.

Most sites offer rented referrals, you rent them for a period of one month. Then you have to pay again to keep the referrals.

Some PTC sites will offer rented referrals for infinite. You pay only once a sum.

Not all PTC sites are reliable. It can happen that, one day you log in, the next messages will appear

This Account Has Been Suspended or This Domain Has Been Suspended

Then you stand with empty hands, and you can do nothing!


What are Binary Options

On Binary Options sites, who promise you get rich quick money, you have to gamble on the Stock Exchange.

You are entering the world of trading. And when you have no experience what so ever you better open first a trial account.

[I lost 800 bucks in about 38 minutes, luckily during a trial periode]

It is a very risky way to make money online and can get expensive quickly

 Make Money Online Survey

You can invest in stocks

They often give you a starting amount. You have to buy and sell on the right time to gain profit.

You choose your shares, and hopefully they will rise. Some give you some lessons or an E-book.

It is less risky than Binary Options, But when you do not have a bit of spare money,

I wouldn’t advise you to go for this kind of investing.


Gambling Online Casino’s

There are a lot of Gambling Online Casino’s. Playing for money is very risky.

They offer you most of the time a large start bonus. And that’s not simply they like you so much.

They hope you are going to like the play so much, you will stay and spend more and more.

I really do not know a lot of people who are earning a good living from gambling.


Start an Online shop

For an online shop, you can set up a website, but you can also sell on sites as Ebay.

When you start an online shop you have to purchase the articles you want to sell in your shop.

You have to invest before you start your online shop. You probably need a storage.


What is Affiliate Marketing

For Affiliate Marketing, you need a website. On your website, you promote articles, related to your niche, from external companies.

You have to apply to those companies for approval. They will check your site on content and applicability.

When someone buys something through your affiliate link, you get paid. You do not have to purchase your own products.


Make Money Online Survey



Keep full control. You have control with a website of your own. You have control over the time you are willing to put in.

When payment is asked, before you really know what you will get, turn around and leave!

I choose to be a Wealthy Affiliate member, what you will choose I leave up to you. Just choose wisely.



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make money online survey


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  1. Norleila says:

    Hello Loes,
    Great article. Glad you did a run down of the make money online surverys. It’s a good comparison and I believe many will benefit from it. Thank you for your guide. 🙂

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