Make your website mobile friendly

We are almost at the end of 2014. And for the year 2015 Google is going to look if your website will pass the mobile-friendly test. Luckily they developed a tool how to check up and to make your website mobile friendly.

Go to

When your site is mobile friendly, you do not have to take action. Websites which are mobile-friendly will receive a special label in the search results. A label that indicates it’s a mobile-friendly version. The mobile-friendly pages will be increased rank.

But when it is not, you certainly do not want to decrease your ranking position.

I have tested my sites and the endured the test well.

make your website mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

But my is not mobile friendly yet. We will go over that now.


How to make your website mobile friendly

not mobile friendly

NOT Mobile Friendly

Before you take any action: Make a back-up from your website!

 After you have filled in the test, you get the report. This is my test result

X     Text too small to read
X     Viewport Mobile not set
X     Left too close together
X     Content wider than screen
X     Use of incompatible plug-ins

Before adjusting anything:

Check-up your WordPress version, perhaps there is an update which will make your website mobile friendly at once.

wordpress version

I have the latest version, so I have to do something to adjust my theme. But I found a plugin which does the job in one step, just activate!

WPtouch Mobile Plugin







Make your website mobile friendly

Search plugin, install, activate!

mobile friendly


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I certainly did 🙂

When you benefit from this lesson, please leave me a comment, I would appreciate it very much.


“Make your website mobile friendly”

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  1. Mary Boyce says:

    Hi Loes. I am going to get to work on making my site Mobile Friendly. Thanks for an informative & educational site.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Mary, that is very important you do that, Google is going to punish you if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, success!

  2. septiana says:

    Thank Loes

    Website should mobile friendly, especially for me as a mom works at home. In my tablet, I can still check and update my current online store and play with my boys

    You always energy to share this tutorial…


    • Loes says:

      Thank you for your comment Septiana, nowadays it’s getting very important, because more and more people are using their phone or tablet to visit websites, greetings Loes

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