Make your own header

Create your own original header, add text and your own pictures or logo.
Use effects and multiple overlays and special effects.
Make your own header look fabulous!

At first, you need to know what the size of your header is. Therefore, you go to your dashboard and look at the tab “Header”.

Make your own header

Now you have that information, you can make your own header.

Go to Pixlr express

Pixlr express

Choose for “Collage”

Set the spacing, roundness, and proportions on zero.

And click “Finish”

make your own header

Click on adjustments.

Then go to resize.

make your own header

Uncheck the box “Keep proportions”

Enter your header size.

Click on “Apply”.

make your own header

Now comes the fun part, go and play with all the features.

What do all those buttons do:)

Just cancel if you don’t like it!

online logomaker

When you are completely satisfied, click on “Save”

And when you are not satisfied, start over again:)

online logomaker

I like this one, so I have saved and placed it into my header.

Work at home header


I made the logo earlier at online logomaker.

And I made the logo transparent on another program from Pixlr.

Make your own Social Media Header

Make your own  Header on Facebook 851 x 315 px


Make your own Header on Twitter 1349 x 320 px and add + 50 px border all around the picture.

(size1449 x 420)

You can scale the picture on Twitter, so create for the best results a header with a border.

Twitter header


Make your own Header on G+ 480 x 270

Header G+

Make your own Header on YouTube minimal 2048 x 1152

You need a big photo for Youtube because they are using the header also for TV presentations.

YouTube Header

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    This post is so thoughtful, you gave all the technical details for different banner sizes. It makes life so easy. I don’t know how to express gratitude. You are a jewel.

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