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Make your own video in an amazingly easy way for FREE. You can choose from over 90 video slides. You can add music. And you can directly share your video on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Youtube. And with the browser URL or embedded code, you can share your video easily on your blog.

Make your own video on Biteable

Watch my video, click here…:) (attached the browser URL)

or here with the embedded code:

(right click on the download button and save as… in your Video folder on your computer)

I have made an infinite video loop, so it keeps on playing until you hit the stop button, you can read here how to do that 🙂

1. Change your colors and add some music.

Note: Take 3 different colors to make your backgrounds and text.

Make your own video



2. Under the first template, you can add slides, ready made where you add text, and for pictures to add.

Note: You can’t see what you have exactly done before you have downloaded the video. It will not show your text and pictures.


Share video on blog


3. There are over 90 pre-configurated video slides to use.

Share video on FB

4. When you are done, save and click on Email Me My Video, don’t worry, you can change everything after you’ve got the email.

Note: I have changed mine for about 15 times after I clicked for the first time “Email Me My Video” 🙂

Share Video on Twitter

5. In about 10 minutes, you get an email message where you can click on the “View it” link.

Make your own video

6. When you have clicked the “View it” link, you can choose for a:

a. watch it
b. edit etc. download it
d. share it
e. remove watermark ($99)

Make your own video


7. When you click on download, you get a direct sharing URL you can use on your blog, website or in your email account.


Make your own video 7

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