Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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I personally think that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online for a beginner. As a beginner, you obviously want to see evidence as soon as possible that you can earn money online. You want it simple and being an affiliate of a company and promote a product is very suitable for this. That is why I will talk a lot about this on my website. As an affiliate, you promote a product from another party and you get a percentage of the profit each time a sale is made.

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A sale is usually remembered by means of a cookie that is stored on the visitor’s computer that clicked on your unique link. (Provided to you by the company). How does affiliate marketing workIf the visitor buys the product you are promoting from the company, the system will record that there has been a sale. There are Networks with unique systems, who are specialized in arranging payments and affiliate programs of companies.

Simply put, you only need people who are interested in products from a certain market to click on your link and purchase the product and you already earn money. In fact, you have to do something more of course, but the biggest advantage is that as an affiliate you can earn money very quickly. Already within a month if you do well.

You have to create a website, where you add product reviews/articles of 1000 words to and you can start earning money per month. There is no other way around the world to earn money so easily. On the other hand, I also know people who have websites with dozens of pages and articles and only earn $ 100 a month, so you have to know what you are doing.


All benefits at a glance:

  • You can make money
  • It’s relatively simple
  • You can easily change the product (s) you are promoting

All disadvantages at a glance:

  • The profit margins are less high than when selling your own product or service
  • You really need to learn the ropes

When you start out online without any foreknowledge, you are bound to fail. The internet has a couple of rules, you need to follow. It’s like a huge library. When you want a book from the library, it is all categorized and they are all neatly on the shelf. You wouldn’t be able to find a book when they were all dumped in a huge container. The big “categorizers” are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. When you fail to supply your website index to those biggies, your website will vanish to the bottom of the “Container”.

What do you have to learn?

  • You will learn how to write reviews.
  • How to notify the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo (And for Russia and China, Yandex and Baidu).
  • Understanding and applying keywords is important.
  • How to fill in SEO (Search engine optimization) on your website back office.
  • How to make a good logical menu on your website.
  • Creating a privacy policy.
  • Help by writing an affiliate disclaimer.
  • How to categorize your posts. Google loves structured websites.
  • Which images you can and can’t use, you definitely don’t want a Getty fine.
  • How to brand your online business. How to make a logo.
  • How to get traffic/ visitors.
  • Understand the importance of Social Media, G+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • How to apply for Google Adsense.
  • Understanding how the money rolls in the online business.
  • Adding affiliate links to your pages.
  • How to add and read your website to Google Analytics.
  • How to write engaging posts.
  • How to get comments and feedback.

All this is incorporated into our step-by-step teaching video program.

Google Adsense

When you have a website, adding Google Adsense is then a great option to make some additional money. Google Adsense has been created to automatically adapt the ads to the visitor. If a visitor has often been to sites about cars, Google often knows this and this user will automatically see ads about cars. By putting AdSense on your site, you can choose whether Google automatically adjusts the ads to the visitor or the content on that page. Adsense is ideal if you have a large site with a lot of visitors and you can’t keep track of which affiliate program fits best for each page.

A disadvantage that you will always have with AdSense is that it generates less revenue than if you, as an affiliate, promote 1 specific product that is equal to the interests of your visitors.

So I would say if you have a large site with lots of visitors who all have different interests you can use Adsense. If this is not so then place affiliate links. Via Adsense you are paid per click. The advantage of Google Adsense is that you only have to place a code on your page, and the money drips in. When your website is growing and attract more visitors, you will automatically earn more money with Google Adsense.


My 1# recommendation to you is Wealthy Affiliate

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer, besides the things already mentioned

  • One price, no upsells,

Included in the premium price:

  • Hosting 25 subdomain websites and the possibility to host 25 owned domain name websites
  • SSL certificate on your owned domain names
  • Full security package, virus and malware protection, no plugin needed
  • Access to all training provided by Wealthy Affiliate and its members
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Worldwide helpful community support
  • Live chat for direct answers to your questions
  • Choose from 3000+ different WordPress themes
  • 100.000+ free to use images
  • Easy SiteContent writer with grammar control

The Wealthy Affiliate Business Platform has it all!

A fully automatic website builder, Thousands of WordPress website templates, Hosting, SSL-Green padlock, Security package malware and virus protection, Domain name registration, Live chat, As fast as lightning technical support team, A helpful warm-hearted community, A personal Google indexed blog, Website development education, An affiliate program, Affiliate marketing course, Bootcamp course, Feedback and comment feature and more… much more…

You will never stand alone!

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Hey, nice to meet you. I am Loes and I love to work, create and make money on the internet. My vision for the future is promising because the activities and sales go to triple over the next few years. You can take advantage of it too. Step into the world of affiliate marketing today, and work towards financial freedom for you and for your family. If you would like to learn how to build your own Wordpress website, click here to open your free account today!

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Loes, great article about getting started in affiliate marketing. The Wealthy Affiliate platform sure does bring together all of the tools needed so that anyone regardless of skill level can build a successful and sustainable long term business. The premium package is well worth the small cost when you consider that it’s enough to build a legitimate business with huge earning potential.

  2. Shirley Dawson says:

    Loes, I enjoyed reading this article, even though I’m a fan of the Wealthy Affiliate University myself. I like the way you give the benefits and your “Library” comparison about keeping your website from going down that black hole where no one can find it. Nice Work. – Shirley

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