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How to recognize scam on the internet?

A legitimate company will show you transparency and has a possibility to contact them.

The most common internet scams in a row.

Who can be scammed? Everybody!

Scammers are very smart, they know how to approach people.

Nobody will be completely safe.

Some acquaintance sends you an email with a link and you are clicking on it,

and BOOMM your address book is taken, or you have caught a virus.

So here are the most common internet scams

1. Emergency call



Someone calls you and says, I am your grandson, I am in trouble,

can you please send me some money granny.

Or you are rushing to the hospital, and they burglar your house.




2. Fake checks


Someone bought something from you.

You receive a check with a “too much amount” on it,

they ask you to pay the “too much” back. Several days later the check bounced.

And you are a little bit wiser.




3. Employment scams


They offer you a job,

ask you for all your personal data,

and ask to wire an amount of money to secure your new job.




4. Loan sharks


They ask you to wire some money to get a loan.

Or they ask you to deposit money for the use of a credit card.

A trustful loan company never ask you to make a payment.




5. Phishing


Emails who ask you to fill in your data, sometimes they look exactly like your bank company,

complete with logo. Or they ask you to click a link in the mail, to get access to your address book

or to spread a virus on your computer so they can break into your data.




6. Lottery or sweepstakes


They say you are random selected and won a big price, often in a foreign country.

To get your price to you, they have to pay taxes, and guess what?

Can you please pay these taxes:)




7. Spam


Mail you didn’t ask for, often with to good to be true offers.

But before you know it you have a weekly SMS abonnement service on your mobile.

Or you get a series of something delivered to you.




8. Home improvement


They ask you to pay for the material needed to improve your home but never show up.






9. Identity theft


Once they have your personal information, they can max out your credit cards, empty your bank account, and ruin your credit rating.

Never ever give your social security number or credit card number, pin etc. just because someone ask for it.




10. Online buying


You buy something online, but you never get the product.

Most websites have a guarantee label, they are connected to a monitoring organization.

Always check these labels before you buy something online.

For checking out companies, go to Better Business Bureau

I hope this will save you from the most common internet scams online.

It’s annoying when you become a victim of fraud,

it’s even worse when you become the victim of scams while you know how they practice.


It is just like walking in town and being pickpocket, you know it happens to others, but not you!?!

Have you ever been scammed?


“Most Common Internet Scams”

I was able to write these tutorials for you, because of the great course I am following on the

Wealthy Affiliate University

 Learn the skills to be safe on the internet:)

Most common internet scams
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  1. Krasimir Kirov says:

    Very useful information, Loes. People never can feel secure online. That’s why you should stay alert and look into every mail, call, or program very carefully.
    Thanks for sharing,

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