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Sometimes, your post gets too long, and people have to scroll endless, that it can be handy for your readers to split the post up into several pages. But when your post is a unity, it’s better to create a Go to Top button in between the content. You can view the go to top button on my other website “This is Kids Art“, I have used it there. And the next page option I have used on my Faq page here. To show you how this works, I have created a 5-next-page blog for you here too.

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When do you use the Next Page HTML?

There are different reasons to choose for page dividing.

  • You write about different subjects in one post.
  • You make an A, B, C post.
  • You display different recipes with the same main ingredients.
  • Your post has become so lengthy, that it’s easier for your readers.
  • Any other reason to make it easier for your readers.

A wrong reason to divide your post is to make your visitor click and to reduce the bounce rate. Only use this feature when it’s for your reader’s convenience.

The code you can use for this is:


You can copy this code and place it in between your content on the text tab. It will take care of it that the text below it appears on the next page with pagination. Let’s try it out here. My next subject is the Go to Top Button. I make the page break in the text tab, and beneath it, I just write on. So basically, this is one post, divided into several pages.

This is how it looks like in the back office.

Next page HTML or Go to Top button

Page 1: Next page
Page 2: Go to top button
Page 3: Home button
Page 4: Next and Back button
Page 5: Customize the buttons

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