Page rank check

But is this really true?

Your computer saves cookies and cache. So your own computer is deceiving your test results.

Besides that, Google keeps also tracks from what you are doing online. You can see that phenomenon clearly in your sidebars after a surf search. You searched for instance for a new coffee machine. Google keeps that search in a cache. You can see that on your facebook, your live mail or Outlook. The next ads present to you are all about coffee machines.

Use this free page rank check!

And see for yourself how high your website scores in this page rank check.

Free Serp – Checker

Are you are not yet convinced of the correct working of your page rank check?

I advise you to check up some reputable sites.

Try per example Amazon or Wikipedia.

Take it from me, your page starts ranking when it is:

  1. Over 6 months old.
  2. Has 200 or more articles on it.
  3. When you are daily active on your site.
  4. When you offer a unique product.
  5. When you have used splendid keywords.


No #1 keyword tool on the internet is Jaaxy.

You can try-out 30 keyword searches for free.





It is very important to have good keywords. With good keyword phrases, you aim for a high page rank in Google.

To get a high score in the page rank check, your highest priority should be the 5 points I have written above.

I want to wish you a lot of success developing your website.

To help you increase website traffic read my post with tips from A to Z.

Make it to the first page of Google!


I hope you found this tutorial helpful


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“Page Rank Check” Tutorial

I was able to write these tutorials for you, because of the great course I am following on the

Wealthy Affiliate University.

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  1. Kristina says:

    Hi Loes,
    I really like all the information you offer on your website, it is most helpful.
    I thought my websit ranked okay, but it seems I have to do more to get the ranking to go up, so thanks for this post.
    Regards, Kristina

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