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How many words should a blog post be to rank in Google? And what else can you do to get your website higher on the Google ranking ladder? There are some guidelines, and I found a great video with 15 amazing tips which can help you to climb the ranking ladder fast and without a lot of effort. Take a look at his view on the Google algorithm.

Professional SEO expert 50

Website: Backlinko

Founder: Brian Dean

Niche: SEO Expertise

Location: Berlin, Germany (currently, he is a traveler)

Follow: Brian on Twitter

YouTube: Channel of Brian

Who is Brian Dean?

Brian, (practically my neighbor, since I live in The Netherlands) is an unimaginably keen business pioneer surviving in a highly competitive space. He is a real virtuoso at increasing traffic to websites and has a nose for algorithm changes in the internet world. He jumps right into these new developments to invent a matching strategy which he generously shares on his blog. He is on the leading edge of each online SEO activity. His positive and vital attitude makes everyone happy and everybody likes to work with him.

Backlinko is founded in 2012 for the purpose of writing about the SEO strategies. The hard work of Brian has paid off. Backlinko is today a top-notch authority website. Companies like Apple, Disney, IBM, and Amazon are following him and take his advice at heart.

Forbes recently stated that: “Backlinko is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. You’ll find in-depth and value-packed articles”. And The Huffington Post said that the Backlinko blog is “a recommended resource to become a better SEO”. says “Brian Dean’s Backlinko Blog is the go-to SEO guide of many digital marketers and entrepreneurs.”

Brian is an exceptionally talented SEO Genius. I have added one YouTube video of Brian on this post, but he has a lot more videos to share with you on his YouTube channel


Give Google what it wants!

Brian Dean’s 15 All-Time Best Seo Tips That Actually Work


These are the tips from the Video of Backlinko founder Brian Dean, I just love this dude;)! I type these tips here especially for people who have a hearing disability and for people who want to translate this blog into their own language. The tips that Brian Dean is sharing are evergreen!

Tip #1 Use Shortcode URL’s

Affiliate URL’s look ugly. Take a look at these 2 URL’s. They go to the same page.

You must admit, the second one looks a lot nicer, don’t you think?

Tip #2 Use Amazon for keyword ideas

 Find a related book on your topic. Take a look in the preview and look what the chapters are called. Add those chapter titles into your favorite keyword tool to see how they score. You can get amazing ideas out of this technic. My favorite keyword tool is Jaaxy

The best keyword research tool Jaaxy

[To tell you a little secret, the Jaaxy keyword research tool is totally free to use for Wealthy Affiliate premium members, 2 incredible tools for the price of one]

Tip #3 Optimize your title for CTR

You get more traffic when your title is awesome. When lot’s of people are clicking your page, it’s a clear message for Google, that your page should go up in their rankings. Include your target keyword in your title tag. Use one of these Title tag generators to get inspired for an awesome title.

Slogan/Title Generators

At Last, The Secret To Best Headline Title Is Revealed! Stop Wasting Time And Start Sharing! Click To Tweet

Tip #4 Publish content with at least 1890 words

The search engines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo do need a certain amount of words to be able to index your post. The bare minimum to do this is 300 words. To make it easier and more accessible for the search engines, you should aim at least for 500 words on your post. But that is just for the index.

When you are interested in ranking on the #1 page of Google, you should put in some extra effort. A post of 1000 to 3000 words gets a much higher ranking score than one of barely 300.

The data proves that posts with a length of around the 2000 words are getting ranked better and higher than short posts. The list beneath is my own interpretation of a couple of facts I found on several posts during my research for this blog.

Average word count for your blog post: The numbers

< 300 words: You are in the wrong business!
300 – 500 words: Google is able to read a summary of your post and can index it.
500 – 1000 Your blog set up before you go into the details.
1000 – 2000 Google can properly index your post and is able to show your post at multiple search requests
2000 – 3000 You content must be mighty interesting to keep your readers attention.
3000 > Consider writing an e-book.

Tip #5 Use long-tail-title-tags

There are a lot of people who type their specifics for the product or article that they are searching into the search bar. Eg. The color, measure, free shipping. Add extra words to your title. But, never add an authority brand in your title, they are often protected under the ™Trademark law. You can get into a lot of trouble doing that. Be very careful with personal names in your titles too!

Tip #6 Use keyword rich URL’s

Tip one says it, and here again. Use short URL’s. You are able to edit your URL, so skip the crap and just use your target keyword in it. When I would use my title as URL I would end up with:

http ://
https :// numbers in your title tags

Tip #7 Use numbers in your title tag

Titles with numbers get 36% more clicks than titles without a number. So, get those numbers out there! And a very strange phenomenon is that odd numbers are clicked more than even numbers. You have 75% more change that people click an odd number than an even number. To test this I have added 73 percent to my blog title :). You are here, reading my blog, I guess it worked for you. Can you tell me what exactly attracted you here in a comment below? Was it the number?

Tip #8 Use two-step email outreach

Build whitehat backlinks from authority sites in your industry. How do you do that? Just email the authorities in your niche. Not to ask for a backlink, but to ask if they approve of the article you wrote about their website. And when they like it a lot, they are very likely to link to your website as well. Never lower yourself to spamming website owners for backlinks.

Tip #9 Broken link building

How does this work? Find a site where you want a link on, find on that website a broken link. This is so simple, that I have never thought of that! Email the owner and tell about the broken link. And when you do not have a post about that particular subject, just create an awesome one! When they email you back, ask the webmaster to replace the broken link for your link to your post!

Tip #10 Choose keywords with strong commercial intent

What is commercial intent? That’s the likelihood that someone who clicks your link is actually going to buy from you or through your website. Look closely at your posts. How likely is it that people are becoming your customer?

Tip #11 Delete underperforming pages

I am not sure what exactly is meant by that, I have always learned NOT to delete and content. But let’s hear what Brian has to say about this. He says: “Delete low quality and no value add pages. Having lots of excess pages on your website is bad for SEO. He means, at least I think he means, that when your bounce rate is sky high >90% you really should take a look at your pages, which ones are causing this.

Tip #12 Optimize your videos around  “video keywords”

If you’re trying to rank your videos in Google, you need to make sure that there are already video results for that keyword. If you want your video to rank, search for your keyword in Google. If you search on Google for your keyword and there is no YouTube result on the first page, you can better choose a different keyword. Wow, that’s new to me. I think I have to optimize my video keywords!

Tip #13 Use Reddit for keyword researchReddit logo 150

Use the search bar to find out what people are writing about on Reddit. Take out the title keywords and run them on your favorite keyword result tool. This tip works about the same as Tip #2 Use Amazon for keyword ideas.

Tip #14 Link out to authority websites

Be sure every post of you has a link to one or more authority websites. Your website will rank better when you have external links to authority sites. In this post, I link of course, to Backlinko. I have 9 links to title generators. Some are definitely in the of authority websites.

Tip #15 Hack Wikipedia for keyword results

Type in your topic in the Wikipedia search bar. Wikipedia is showing you all kind of related links. That can be awesome keywords. Scroll down and look at the table displayed on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is also a terrific choice to link back to.

Thank you very much, Brian

Your video was pointed out to me on the Wealthy Affiliate forum, and the title was: If You’re Not Following Brian Dean, Your INSANE. I am following you now on YouTube and on Twitter. It’s pretty amazing that I didn’t encounter you yet on the internet. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more of you.

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