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Tony Lee Hamilton aka The Digital Marketing Veteran. As colleagues, we can get along fine, Tony and I. As friends we have our disagreements, he as an extreme extrovert and I, as an extreme introvert, we do have different opinions about life and business issues. But that makes conversations more interesting, don’t you think?

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You can imagine that our way of thinking is far apart, Tony, as US Army Veteran and I, as a pacifist and an advocate for a weapon-free world. Nevertheless, we respect each other’s opinions.

Thank you very much to agree to participate in my Wealthy Affiliate member interviews. I asked to answer 10 out of 25 questions, and you provided 25! Awesome Tony!

Interview with Tony Hamilton

interview question 1

In 2007 at the age of 41


interview question 2

I am currently working on improving my system for assisting friends in earning an income online worldwide.

Tony’s Website



interview question 3

Gary Vee (Crushing it) & Grant Cardone (The 10X Rule)


interview question 4

My son – Fishing – Life


interview question 5

Fish, spend time with Family & Friends (Mostly my son)


interview question 6

I don’t compete … I dominate in being me

The world is a huge place and we don’t need to compete with each other, let’s all be ourselves and the best versions of ourselves possible.


interview question 7

Jesus, Kevin VanDam & my son – I would love to ask Jesus so many questions about life etc…. KVD, I would ask many questions about fishing and I would want my son to be there to hear both of their answers as well.

Note from Loes: Unfortunately, the website of KVD is not secure you can visit it here at own risk
http :// www.kevinvandam (dot)com/


interview question 8

No, I am a very bad singer and only sing in the car.


interview question 9

Retired from it all and traveling the world fishing, I would also be spending even more time with Family & Friends as well.


interview question 10

Loyal, Straight Forward, Business Minded, Daily wanting to learn more. I never want to be “The smartest person” in any room and always strive to learn something from everyone and in every situation.

Note from Loes: Here do North and South meet 🙂


interview question 11

The day that God blessed my Wife and I, with our son via adoption at his birth (She is now in heaven because of breast cancer)


interview question 12

Grant Cardone & Gary Vee & my son (After the obvious answer of Jesus)


interview question 13

Yes, it was about LinkedIn and becoming an influencer online.


interview question 14

Fishing clothes – Camouflage so that I can sneak up on the fish 🙂

Shorts, sandals and a t-shirt


interview question 15

Research is the most difficult and also the most important part of the writing process. Far too many “Reviews” are written by many who have no clue to what they are writing about except for the information that they acquired via the internet ( The Bathroom Walls of the 21st Century)

Bathroom wall quote: You don't have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep Click To Tweet

interview question 16

If you are open to earning while sharing earn money from home opportunities such as the WA affiliate opportunity, I would advise them to build a website for monetizing. At the same time, build a website and blog about your passion, creating amazing content and without even thinking about monetizing this site. You earn money from home site will generate plenty enough money so that you can generate organic traffic to your niche site and grow your audience there.


interview question 17

Work, don’t wish!

Stop watching TV, playing video games and living in a fantasy, do what you love and can see yourself doing it for a living.


interview question 18
Tony tiger signature
Cats, because they aren’t dependent like dogs are. I also love Tigers because Baseball is my Favorite Sport and I have always been a Detroit Tigers Fan.


interview question 19

I prefer to work online and assist friends who are positive and also want to put in the work in order to excel. I absolutely love assisting friends who take massive action and focus on their goals without wavering. Most people last about 2 weeks, if that, then they quit on themselves. That is if they ever even get started.


interview question 20

I would recommend that you each share with each other what you truly want out of your holiday then go from there.

If I were to go on holiday, I always choose a fishing spot. 🙂


interview question 21

My biggest mistake in my life was not to take action to start learning and earning online earlier. In my younger years, I performed work where I beat up my body. As far as serving in the United States Army, I would never change that part.


interview question 22

Bullies and people who are one-uppers, You know the type.
Every story that anyone has, the one upper has a better story 🙂


interview question 23

Same as above


interview question 24

When friends who I have shared with and taught, come to me and thank me for assisting them in earning online and in many cases for the first time.

Also of course, when my son is happy, that is when I am very happy and nothing matches that.


interview question 25

I am passionate about teaching and showing my son how to be a good person (I, many times fall short of this task) My son has become an amazing young man despite the many things that have happened in his life.

Thank you, Loes for the opportunity to answer your 25 questions, my friend.

Tony Lee Hamilton
Digital Marketing Veteran


Thank you, Tony, it’s most interesting, to get to know a bit more about people you meet online. How they think, what their background is, and how they became what they became 🙂

Start your own online business like Tony

Tony promotes real ways for veterans to earn money online. He does this with the help of the training given at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. When you decide to join us you can count on a lot of community support. The people of WA are very helpful and supportive. And the technical support is fast as lighting.

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  1. Nic says:


    Nicely done, nicely done.

    The interview was great and I gained a lot of needed knowledge from Tony. I like his “grab the bull by the horns” type attitude. You asked some great questions, I kept coming up with some of my own I was hoping you would ask as the interview went on, and then you asked them! It was great.

    Kind of gives a person goosebumps when you realize the money to be made online. Truly blessed to have been able to be introduced to online marketing at a relatively young age. Thanks for the insight!

    • Loes says:

      It will be my “life-long” regret, Nic, that I wasn’t earlier introduced to the opportunity to online marketing. You got that right about Tony, a grab the bull by the horns” type 🙂


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