Removing background

Remove background image, quite easy, when you know how. Transparent logos can be pasted on pictures, as you can see below. This is my header, as you can see, and a transparent logo is much more appealing than the logo with a white background, don’t you think?

Remove white background image


You’ve made a terrific logo, but the logo has a white background.

Remove background image

Here is a YouTube which will show you how to remove background images and make the background transparent.

10 steps for making the background of an image transparent

  1. Go to
  2. Launch Web App
  3. Upload image from your computer
  4. You use the wand tool, click on the part you want to make transparent
  5. Use shift + click to select parts
  6. Use Ctrl + click to deselect parts
  7. invert image
  8. copy image
  9. Click on new image
  10. Check the two boxes
  11. Repeat 4-10 again, and again, and again, and again etc.)
  12. Save as PNG file to keep it transparent

Remove white background image

When you want to paste the logo on a picture, or your header, you can do that in as well.

  1. Upload header picture.
  2. add logo- image as a layer.
  3. Save as jpeg or when something has to stay transparent as png

made transparent on pixlr


Removing white background image transparent


Remove background image on PIXLR

Transparent bar

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