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  1. Hello Loes,

    I found your blog via WA and I am enjoying your posts. I find it so hard to balance my time between online work and my at home chores. I am afraid that I am one of those people who will write out a great schedule for the day and then just totally go so far off kilter that it makes it impossible to get back on track and stay on track.

    I do continue to make my daily schedule. I just have to be more vigilant about sticking to it and not letting other things distract me. I am one of those people who will get distracted and start vacuuming while I should be working. Then when it comes time for me to stop working and get to the household chores, I find myself wanting to continue to work online.

    I hope one day to get it all right!

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  3. Hello Loes,
    As a fellow WA’er I have been struggling with organising my time, whilst working 9-5 and having a family. I am getting there but it’s a long, tough road. The content you have in your site is brilliant, i just hope that one day my site can be as good as yours. I like this section about scheduling your business, i will take your advice on board.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Tim, glad to give you some handles to take your business seriously and to schedule your time, I know the offline life can consume a big part of your free time, and a schedule is essential to keep yourself on track, I wish you a lot of success developing your own business. It’s quite a challenge, but your future will content much more sunshine, when you are at that point you can fire your boss;) It’s great working towards that together, Loes

  4. Hello Loes,
    My first impression logging on was: Breathtaking and beautiful slider photos! Big, not overcrowded and very classy.
    I love it. I read and looked at 2 other pages. You had some very good points about working from home. I knew someone close to me who had to get up, get dressed and go down and get a newpaper from store, then come back home and start to work. Working responsibly, seriously, advertise, blog and keep your whole life in balance.
    Great Site!


    • Hello Janette, thank you very much, it is indeed important to keep a schedule while working at home, not only for yourself, but also for the people around you, they have to accept that working at home is as serious as working for a boss, you are your own boss, I am working at home for a long time now, but my balance is sometimes a bit disrupt, in the way, I can’t stop, working all nights and weekends. But then there is my lovely husband, who reminds me that there is more in life:) greetings Loes

  5. Thanks Loes for this practically “prepared for me” list. This is very convenient for my day to day doings, just a few small tweaks here and there and I’m good to go.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Loes. Some great tips here. They should really help boost my efforts in my own search for financial independence. I really appreciate the information.

    Joe Maggio Jr

  7. That’s some very good content you have going there. Very informative and most important, useful! Anyone who takes the time to read this will find it beneficial.

  8. Hello Loes.

    One word. Wow. This is by far the best and most informative website relating to making money online i have seen so far, i wish i can write like you. Very, very, good indeed!
    I really like the way you have ‘grouped’ the different aspects of the internet marketing journey, and the information you have presented is seamless and flows perfectly.
    Well done,
    Best Wishes,

  9. Great site! Very neat and clean. I love the niche and I feel like you know what you’re talking about. Great suggestions! Im going to try them when I get a chance. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  10. Wow, I’m speechless! LOVE this site! I’ve bookmarked it and will be returning on a regular basis to find inspiration, information and tips! Thank you Loes!

  11. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Really good information. And I was actually wondering about getting my site logo, so I’ll check out Fiverr right away.

    Quick question. In your list, you said, “If you work on your case, then do not vacuuming in between”. I’m having trouble understanding what you meant.

    • Hi Calvin, thanks for stopping by and your reply, I mean, do not use the vacuum cleaner, or do house cleaning in between, take your work at home job seriously. When you are working for a boss, you ain’t going home during the day, to do some cleaning either, Greetings Loes

  12. Great Post, I really totally agree with the need to make a business plan. Because we do have a business when we enter the blogging for income arena… Again, Thanks, Regards, Ruth

  13. This is perfect. We all think we want to have a online business at home and then we forget we are at work and nothing gets done…Way to spell it out!!!

  14. Hi Loes, if you don’t mind, I am going to steal this for my checklist. I am a bit overwhelmed with building my online site right now and I am dosing myself with too much coffee for sure. You have highlighted some tips that I should be looking to improve the quality of my site. Thanks!

    • Hello Cathy, thanks for your reply, you can print it, and make it your “To-Do” list from, take just one step at the time, greetings Loes

    • Hello Racine, thank you for stopping by, nice you can use this information, I read a whole lot of blogs to gather it, love to hear my work reached you, greetings Loes

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