Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson

Free Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson for beginners.

Do you want your website being ranked no.1 by Search Engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo? You have to put keywords or phrases in the back office of your website. The Search Engines are crawling your website to look for those words.

When people are searching for information on the internet they are typing words in the search bar.


Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson


You understand that it is very important your website will end up on the first page. Search engine ranked no.1.

You really do not want to end up and be the 3.210.000 result on the list.

There is a real keyword competition going on, so before you are writing a blog, it will be wise to do a thorough keyword search.

One of the best places where you can do that is Jaaxy. You get the first 30 keyword searches for free at Jaaxy.


Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson

When filling in your keywords and writing your post or page, you have to pay attention to several points.


 The meta description.

  • Is your meta description appealing? What is the description of your competition?
Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson

meta description


We see the meta description of the competition. What do they enter?

Let’s make a list of the words. What are they using in the meta description?

Market Research lessons.

online marketing efforts.

analyze and keyword research tools.

right keywords.

influencing Google.

10 basic tips.

search terms.

keywords you want to avoid targeting.

And we see the Titles, what are they telling us.

Search Engine Optimizations.

Lessons in Keyword Stupidity.

Search Engine Journal.

Free Seo Tools & Search Engine Optimization.

How do I Influence my Google Rankings?

10 basic SEO tip to get you started.



Now we are going to write a meta description for this “Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson”.

Be aware all words has to appear in your text too.


Meta Description…

  • Add the primary keyword / phrase to the meta description.

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson.Free SEO basic research tips.Tools for marketing efforts.Influencing and analyzing Google ranking.Avoid stupidity.


More points to pay attention to…


  • Use a new keyword to focus on.
  • Does the page title contain keyword / phrase, at the beginning? That will improve ranking.
  • Give the page title at least 40 characters. Recommended is a 70 character limit.
  • What is the keyword density? How many times will the keyword appear? Count your keywords.
  • Does your keyword appear in the first paragraph of the copy?
  • Give the images on the page alt tags with the target keyword / phrase.
  • Does your page outbound link(s)? Look for at least one appropriate external link.
  • Does your Keyword / keyphrase appear in at least one subheading in the copy? While not a major ranking factor, one is beneficial.
  • Does your keyword / phrase appear in the URL for your page?
  • What would your copy score be in the Flesch Reading Ease? Make short sentences. Make paragraphs of 6 sentences max.


SEO Check for this post…

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson

Plugin: Yoast WordPress SEO

Avoid Stupidity…

Do not enter keywords, which does not appear in your text.

Do not use phrases that you can not supply.

Do not use a well-known brand name.


I hope you liked this tutorial, please leave a comment or share.

 “Free Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson”.

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Search Engine Optimization Keyword Lesson

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  1. Jovo Vranjes says:

    Hi Loes, this is what I call a useful text. I am publishing posts and pages myself, and yet I realize that I have not been careful enough with some important points. Thanks. Jovo

  2. Suzette says:

    Hi Loes, Great lesson for SEO Keyword. I am a beginner who certainly needed this and will have my notes handy when writing content. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Loes says:

      Hello Harold, thank you for your compliment and reply, much appreciated, I visited your website, very interesting to read about food and supplements, I am planning you come around your website more to see what you have to share, greetings Loes

  3. Freddie says:

    Thank you for the great tutorials. I learned about Flesch Reading Test, check my site for mobile friendly and found it passed. Your site is very informative and contains very viable information. this is the site I will direct people to if they have a question about WA training and affiliate marketing on-line. I can tell from your site that you have spent a lot of time in studying and researching. I have added your site to my favorites list for quick reference.

    • Loes says:

      Hello Freddie, thank you very much for the compliments, and that you will redirect people to my site, much appreciated, greetings Loes

  4. Jewel Carol says:

    Hi Loes

    Wow, although I do know something about SEO, but this post really helps me to understand the importance of SEO and why every internet marketer should know too if they want their sites to rank high in Google. 🙂

    I also love Jaaxy because it is a strong n powerful keyword tool. Infact, I am using this marvellous tool to search for low competition high traffic keywords for my hubby site n my blog site. And the great thing is I am using Jaaxy keyword tool for FREE!! What shall I say, I am just blown away!! 🙂

    Last but least, Loes, i want to say, you have a great n resourceful website! I wish you great online success!!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Jewel, thanks for your compliment, when you have found good keywords or phrases, you have to know how to impplement them too, greetings Loes

  5. Kristina says:

    Hi! Great article and very interesting information. I have a big problem figuring out what keywords to use on my website, but I guess i’ll figure it out sooner or later. Thanks for posting! Kristina

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