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What Is Wealthy Affiliate About? Series of Interviews — 24 Comments

  1. What an absolutely fabulous series of Wealthy Affiliate Friends from my all time Favorite WA Ambassador!

    Thank you so much Loes for always sharing & caring my Friend.

    Your contribution to the Community at WA as well as to the Affiliate Marketing Genre has been above reproach and I value your time, recommendations and great tools that you share with us all.

    Your 25 questions do indeed provide an amazing background and insight into the lives of so many successful and caring Wealthy Affiliate Community Friends.


    • Hi Tony, thank you, if you want to be featured in an interview too, there is room:) Just send me your answers on at least 10 questions, an image of you and your website(s) links, and I will make a special post about you too! Loes

  2. I personally tell people that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to make money recommending products and services to other consumers from well known companies such as Amazon, Target, etc via there Referal programs. I also mention that the Referal programs are free to join. I also am sure to tell them that it is one of the most common ways YouTubers and social media influencers make money.

  3. Hi Loes,

    The review of WA is awesome and unique in every aspect. I like your sentence about WA: it is a living encyclopedia.

    The interview questions are introspective. It is just wonderful to get to know people and their version of experience at WA.

    Your promotional way of WA is unique.

    The WA members interviewed added a lot for the world and I love the way you have introduced them. This is an example for everyone.

    It fills my heart with pleasure reading this document. 

    Thank you for all of your help to me and the WA community.


  4. Wow Loes, you have done a great work. I want to be interviewed too. I am affiliate in WA since this month and if you ask me the same question i could not lack what to say because WA is like a close family where the community helps its member. The platform of WA is wonderful so that anyone cannot get lost. I am happy that i joined Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Julienne, I invite you cordially to send me the answers to at least 10 questions, 25 is also allowed, with an image of you and your website URL, and you will be added to the post as well, with a link to your personal interview.

      Thank you, Loes

  5. I know exactly what you mean! Putting in words what Wealthy Affiliate is exactly is kind of hard. It is so much more that an online learning place! I have gained a ton of knowledge and the help there is incredible! There is always someone willing to help out which makes it into the awesome place that it is.

  6. I can see that this people are very successful and satisfied with wealthy affiliate platform. I am with this community for a year and I have never seen anything like this. Very legitimate platform full of real and trusted people who always want to help with anything. Thanks for such interesting reviews.

  7. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and absolutely love it.  I love what you are doing with the interviews.  I have been out of the game for about 6 months because of personal issues but I am coming back and going forward.  It is so great to read all the info that you supply.  I read a lot of your stuff in the community but its a pleasure to see your site.  Great job.

  8. Hi

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since July 2018 and have accomplished so much.

    What Wealthy Affiliate means to me is a platform where you can make your dream into your reality.

    A platform where you can really learn how to make you on line business work and become a success.

    Training is step by step on building a website from the beginning to the first published content and beyond.

    I can personally say that I have accomplished a lot in the few months I have been with Wealthy Affiliate.  I am sure if I was not using this platform I would not have reached this far in my business.

    This is the best choice that I have made this year and my success is far more than I expected and more.

    Thank you for this article you have given me food for thought in remembering all that I have accomplished.


  9. Hi Loes,

    Thanks for this great interviews article. My opinion with this interview article is that it is one of a kind article. You have different style of connecting to your readers and by that I’m very impressed with your style. Going through your interviews, I found some useful tips on how you started your internet marketing career and how you handled life uncertainties well which motivated me to apply it in my life.

    • Hi Glenda, thanks! I believe you always have to stay as close as possible to yourself. Whether it’s online or offline. Glad you found something to work with!


  10. Hi Loes! That’s a great idea to explain Wealthy Affiliate thru interviews with others. I have met each of these amazing people within Wealthy Affiliate, and they’ve been extremely helpful to me as well. It’s always interesting to see stories about how people learned to start an online business and made it work. Thanks for the inspirational interviews.

  11. This was a great Wealthy Affiliate review. Wealthy affiliate is a great community to be at and the people there are so cool. I have been a member of the wealthy affiliate program for 3 months and I have met some really nice people myself. The wealthy affiliate program  has so many free online web tools you have no other choice  but to be successful. This was a great article again I really love the way you laid it out.

     Thank you again I appreciate the support you are giving to the wealthy affiliate program.

  12. I love these interviews that you make where you answer many of the questions people think about when considering Wealthy Affiliate. When I joined I remember my mentality and how I was going to make money more or less instantly, but theirs definitely more to it then that and that is something I learned. 

    Like all business it takes time to grow so I like how you have set a long term goal to be at least retired within the next 25 years, its all about the long term goals for me. I think I would be in a better position with my business if I thought more about long term and less about making it big in the next week.

    Thanks again for sharing Loes,


    • Thanks Josh, official I have to work the upcoming 10 years, I surely hope, that I can shorten this period and fill the gap of 5 years until my retirement date:)


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