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The website of the Share-a-Sale affiliate program is a bit hard to understand and the user-friendliness could be better. That why I write this review to give you some screenshots, so perhaps it will give you a lead.


Share-a-Sale Affiliate Program

Before you can do business with Share-a-Sale you have to apply. They are going to check your website to see if they want to do business with you too. It is important that you have a reasonable amount of post on your website before you apply. Reasonably is about 10-15 post, and the usual pages. About me, privacy policy and of course an affiliate disclosure.

How to find merchants in your niche?

How to find merchants at share-a-sale affiliate program

How to search for suitable merchants?

Hover over and click on SEARCH FOR MERCHANTS

You will arrive at a new form where you can specify your search. You can enter the product you want to promote. Or you can search for a keyword. And a whole category is also an option.

Category search share-a-sale affiliate program review

Do your own research and take responsibility.

When you have entered your details, there will open a new screen. Do not apply directly to the first one you see. There are a lot of merchants offering the product you are looking for. Check out the companies on credibility and environmental responsibility. You can go to the websites, but you can also do a Google search. Does the company fit your moral standards? When you have done your thorough research you can click on “Join Program.”

Join Program share-a-sale affiliate program review

How to describe your website?

On the next form, you have to sell yourself and your website to the merchant. Do not skip this step. Make a unique description for every merchant. Be original and show them you are interested in the company and their products. Let them feel you are emotionally involved.

merchant share-a-sale affiliate program review

What happens after you have applied?

Most companies are giving an automatic email response. They have received your apply and you have to wait for their answer. That varies between the 3 days and 3 weeks.

You’ve been accepted!

Time to visit the merchant on the Share-a-sale affiliate program. Hover over merchants again but choose this time for “View merchants with datafeeds.”

merchants share-a-sale affiliate program review

Where are the affiliate links for your website?

Click on the drop-down menu and find the sentence  “I am a member of”, then scroll down and refresh.
Click after that on “View Detailed Merchant Info”.

Member of share-a-sale affiliate program review

Get your link.

You are now ready to get your affiliate links for your website

affiliate links share-a-sale affiliate program review

Multiple options to advertise

Text links
Deep links
and more…

Find yourself the most suitable ones for your campaign or review.

Banners share-a-sale affiliate program review

Are you ready to earn some money online?

When you have found your banner or text link, click on “Get Code”. Copy your code and place it into the text area of your website. Or into a text widget. Share your website regularly on social media and in email messages.

Copy code and share

Happy Affiliating!

Does it have your interest to start with affiliate marketing with a website?

The best place to start your online business is at the Wealthy Affiliate University. You can start your endeavor for free today!


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  1. Duncan McRae says:

    You are so right Loes. Share-a-Sale is a difficult interface. I have had challenges getting my afilliate links working effectively. Having this as a reference will be so beneficial. Thank you for providing this tutorial.


    • Loes says:

      Glad to be of assistance to you Duncan, it sure can be harsh to find out the working of some programs, thank for commenting, have a nice day:) Loes

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