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Video marketing is structural, over a longer period of time, the use of online video to create visibility and to bind your target group or to move to action. Choose video marketing if you want your target group to get acquainted with your organization in a dynamic way.

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Of course, you have to think about what type of video fits your message and your audience.

Do you connect a humorous video to the target group, as you see in my video below, or is it advisable to choose experts who explain something like in hardware stores? Do you opt for celebrities, actors or stand in front of the camera yourself? You can also make a video with screenshots.

This program is also perfectly suitable to create memes on video slides.

Start Affiliate Marketing the right way, with technical and community support

20 Good Reasons To Start Video Marketing

  1. Images say more than 1000 words.
  2. Your message is optimally shaped in image, text, and sound.
  3. Video marketing improves the findability of your website.
  4. A video is personal.
  5. More converting website visitors.
  6. Online video is shared 10 times more often via social media.
  7. A video is easy to share via social media and so you can reach many people outside your network.
  8. It is relatively quick and easy to deploy.
  9. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google.
  10. Videos are also often viewed on tablet and smartphones.
  11. Video increases the visit time, in many cases even more than a double.
  12. You can make free use of channels like Youtube and Vimeo.
  13. You can show a commercial via the paid options on Youtube from a small budget for a specific target group.
  14. A message via image, sound, and text is better remembered than just via text.
  15. With a video, it is easier to communicate emotion in addition to information.
  16. Better and personal brand experience.
  17. When the right videos are available, these videos can be used in e-mail marketing. This increases the conversion!
  18. Videos of products (reviews and how it works) increase the confidence needed to make a purchase.
  19. You can do many things with it. Videos that are made for the website and your Youtube channel, for example, can also be used for your company presentation.
  20. Placing videos on YouTube can lead to new visitors to your website.

World’s Simplest Video Maker Biteable

When you are new into making videos for your website or for YouTube, Biteable is just perfect for you to use. It’s very easy. You can use ready-made very creative templates. Anyone can make a video with Biteable.

Let’s go over the steps.

I made a video of a step by step process, of course at the Biteable platform.

  1. First step: Create a free account.
  2. Create a new video or use an already arranged example video.
  3. Start from scratch is the most fun 🙂
  4. The animation and Footage button are also the back buttons.
  5. Add your templates, images, and text.
  6. When you are satisfied, choose your colors.
  7. ♪ Search for some appropriate music ♪
  8. Exciting! Build my preview.
  9. Hilarious! (Keep the tab open and read the comments).
  10. Watch the end product, edit if necessary, rebuild or download.

Directly from the Biteable program, you can share your video on your YouTube channel.

What kind of videos could you record?

1. Who are we videos

You want to tell your (potential) customers and show who you are. When you do this, next to a written story, by means of a video, they can properly get to know you and your company. Give a virtual tour of your building, for example. Or show something about the origin and production of your goods. With a good story, you can win the customer for you. A 2 to 3-minute video is sufficient. You can upload your images easily to Biteable.

2. Video testimonials

You can ask your most important customers and/or suppliers to testify. With the templates of Biteable, you can breathe life into written testimonials.

3. Instruction video

How do you remove the product from the packaging and do you put it together? What steps do you take before you start using the product for the first time? How do you actually use the product? And how strong is it? These are some examples of an instruction video. This can ensure satisfied users instead of return shipments. You can photoshoot the steps and show them in a nice video.


Be Creative! Use Biteable!

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