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This year, 2018 will be the year of fraudulent scams. Website hacking. Email phishing. False bills. Fake news. What has gotten into the heads of all those scammers and hackers? Why do they want to hurt companies and civilians?
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Here are some scams to be aware of this year.

Fake bills

Do you get them too? I do. I get about weekly a fake bill from Germany, that I have to pay a fine or that there will be money deducted from my bank account. They threatened to block my bank account. I live in the Netherlands, and my last visit to Germany was about 25 years ago.

Email phishingprevent email fraud

Lately, I get quite some phishing email in my inbox. Mostly from well-regarded banks and credit card companies. And they look so genuine. The logos are the real ones.

Things to pay attention to:

  1. Name – When I get an email from my bank, PayPal or my credit card company, it’s addressed to me in person. And not to “Dear ICS Card Holder” or “Dear Customer…”
  2. Sender – Track down names and email addresses,
    my bank seems to have moved from .nl to another country with .de

Fake bill

They can ask you several things like:

  • Your card needs to be updated
  • Your card is expired
  • You need to verify your data
  • Your card has been blocked

Never, ever, will your bank, credit card company or PayPal send you an email like that! Always log in directly, and not via an email link, to your bank account.

Website hacking

What’s hot for 2018? When you search Google for “Website Hacking” you’ll get about 7.810.000 results (0,62 seconds)

What is a DDoS attack?
In a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service), a lot of data is sent to a server from a network of computers at once, much more than usual. Because of this flood of information, the servers are temporarily offline or poorly accessible. The network of computers that send the data is called a botnet. These are hacked computers of innocent users who are being abused to carry out such attacks.

What is ransomware?
Do you remember the attack ofWannacry? Wannacry is ransomware that uses a (recently patched) leak in Microsoft Windows to spread rapidly via internal networks. To be precise, the ransomware uses a leak in Windows SMB Server. The ransomware seems to be distributed through a massive mailing campaign. As soon as a machine is infected, it scans the internal network to colleagues. Those machines do not have to be connected to the internet themselves. The ask for a ransom (money) and “promise” to release your computer after you’ve paid.

What is a Trojan Horse?
A Trojan Horse consists of 2 programs. A client and a server. The client is used by the attacker to enter the PC. The server will be installed on the PC (without you noticing it) as soon as you open an infected file. Then the hard disk is available for every good or malicious attacker, who can enter the PC with a very simple program. As soon as you log in to the Internet, you will be assigned an IP number from your internet service provider. In fact, the address includes your IP number (house number and address) on which you can be found while surfing. Internet users with a fixed IP number will always be assigned the same number. With a fixed IP number, you are an easier victim than with a dynamic IP number. A Trojan Horse is often included in an attachment to your email.

Learn how to hack?

Learn how to hack. Learn how to steal someone’s identity. Learn how to scam people. What’s wrong with people? What’s wrong with our society? Is this the new normal?

website hacking

How to prevent website hacking?

  • Keep your computer updated
  • Use a good virus scanner
  • Host with a trustful hosting company
  • Avoid clicking links send by email
  • Avoid visiting questionable websites

Fake news

Fake news is the hype of the year. There are already programs you generate fake titles and fake content. Fake news is as old as the world. Then and now you have to use your head as a reader and have to be healthy suspicious about the information that comes to you. News must have a recognizable, authentic source and must be objective, in the sense that facts have been checked.

Fake news on Social Media

Social Media is a source where fake news spreads like wildfire. People do not take the effort to check whether the news they read is genuine or fake, they share without a second thought. This is a dangerous development. It can break innocent people! It looks a bit like the Middle Ages when people were executed by the public, without the intervention of a judge.


But who determines what fake news is? Government? Even if the news is about them? This way you can cover up every inconvenient piece of news. It’s called censorship. We know about the censorship in countries like Russia, Northern Korea or Turkey. We really do not want that in our country. The best way to deal with this, in my opinion, is to take the news as it comes, and only spread it after you’ve verified it as truth. After all, you don’t want to become a spreader of fake news and hurting innocent people, do you?

Importance of Security

It speaks for its own, that security should have the highest priority, that’s why I have chosen for a hosting company that has this is very high on the list. This company offers an overhead security system, under which all websites run. In addition to this safety, they also provide a full course of website development and 24/7 technical and community support. You can take a look at the available lessons, the community and practice with the website builder, 7 days for free. When you open an account today, you get instantly full access.

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