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There are so many choices for WI-FI and wired security camera systems, you no longer see the forest for the trees. Where do you have to pay attention to, other than the price? First, you have to determine why and for what you want to use a security system. Here is a review of different sorts of security cameras.

That can be for various reasons:

  • You want to know who’s standing outside when the bell is ringing.
  • You want to watch your pets when you are not at home.
  • You want to protect your property outside.
  • You want constant surveillance in your shop.
  • You want to use it for inside, outside and as a baby watcher.
  • Do you need night view?
  • Or just fool the burglar?

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Which quality do you demand? When you want to watch your pets, you obviously can do with a lower definition camera then when you want to secure your shop and need very sharp images of potential robbers. You do want, in the last case, HD images.

How many cameras do you need? For a front door, you only need one, which is able to recognize persons. For pets ditto. But when you want to secure your property or shop, it is sensible to choose for multiple cameras with high-quality images. Often, the police can not identify persons from security cameras because of the low quality. What use does it have to install and buy a cheap system when the police can’t do anything with the images.

I have selected a number of cameras based on user reviews with attention to convenient in use, quality, price, easiness to use and to install, vulnerability, safety codes, compatibility on devices and app experiences.

Cleverdog Smart Wi-Fi security camera

It goes without saying that you want to secure your home. This is very easy with this wireless security camera.Cleverdog_Smart_Wi_Fi_Camera
Because the IP camera works on Wi-Fi, no cabling is required. The model is equipped with night vision via infrared. The night vision is no less than 10 meters, so you can easily follow a wide area, even when it is already dark. In addition, there are motion sensors that simply detect every movement.

Keep a close eye on whether everything is still completely safe at the location where you have confirmed the IP camera. The IP camera can not only be used as a wireless security camera but can also be used as a babysitter. This way you can see exactly whether your child is still sleeping when you are working elsewhere in the house. Through the handy microphone, you can also talk to your little one, for example, to reassure your child when he/she starts to cry.

The wireless security camera with night vision can easily be placed anywhere because you do not have to worry about difficult connections. You can use the IP camera in various ways and simply charge it via a USB cable.

Suitable for: Pet and baby watch, front door caller watch

This camera is selected for its price/quality ratio.



Brand: Cleverdog

+ Price: € 39

Set:  1 camera

+ Night vision: Yes

+ Wi-Fi: Yes

+ Use: Inside

+ Installation: Not wired

Resolution: 720 x 576.

+ Sound: Microphone and speaker

+ Color: Grey, orange, blue and pink

App: Can only be installed on one account

Product specifications

Video compression: H.264
Charging via USB cable
Night vision up to 10 m
Motion detection
Works at a temperature of -10 ° C to 50 ° C
Support for iOS (6.0 and higher)
Support for Android (4.0 and higher)
1.3 megapixels 1/3 “mm 720 x 576 pixels 15FPS 90 degrees

Product information

EAN 7432253035073

User Manual

Additional info from the Cleverdog main website:

  • 7 days (Return Guarantees)
  • 30 days (Exchange Promises)
  • One year(Free Repairs)
  • Lifetime(Free Software Upgrading)

Somfy Protect Security Camera 

The camera that sees everything and immediately warns you and protects your privacy. You have an extra eye that keeps a close Somfy_protect_security_cameraeye on everything at home and will inform you immediately if something is wrong. With the Somfy Security Camera, nothing escapes you. Because this HD plug & play security camera takes everything and sends you a push message when there’s trouble. And it is beautiful; you install this camera within 10 minutes and let it communicate with your smartphone via the app. And he looks good too!

All images that this camera makes when it detects motion are stored in the cloud. As soon as the camera detects a movement, the alarm goes off and you immediately get a push message on your smartphone. You can watch your premises live for 10 seconds. If the power fails then the backup battery ensures that it can continue for at least 4 hours.

And then there is the privacy shutter. At the moment you enter the room, the camera literally closes. So everything you do in your own home is only meant for your eyes. No image, no cloud, nothing. 100% privacy guaranteed.

And last but not least. Do you have pets? You can set this camera in such a way that it does not activate the alarm with every movement.

Suitable for: Small business watch, house watch during holidays, pet and baby watch, front door caller watch



Brand: Somfy

+ Price: € 169

+ Set: HD video camera, additional window detectors available

+ Motion detector: The camera records immediately when motion is detected

+ Battery backup: Works on mains power, but operates in the event of a power failure: the camera remains active for up to 4 hours

+ Privacy: Active privacy shutter: your private life is automatically protected

Display: Super sharp image so you will not miss anything

Vision: Day vision is ++ Good

+ Resolution:

+ Design: compact, sleek and white

+ Sound: Microphone and speaker

+ Quality: 3-megapixel sensor, wide-angle lens of 130 ° and Magic Zoom 4x

+ App: Easily connect to the Somfy App

Vision: Night vision could be better


Plug & Play; installed and active within 10 minutes. Install your Camera in a few minutes via your smartphone.


+ Smoke alarm detection: Recognizes the sound of your smoke detector and warns you immediately via your smartphone. Your smoke detector is now connected!

+ Smart activation: Somfy reminds you to activate your Camera when you leave

+ Share: Trust family and friends. Share access to your system with family, friends, and neighbors so that they can monitor your home when you are not at home.

Product information

EAN 3660849508494

Know who is in your house or be notified when your children come home with the child mode. What do you have to do without a smart app nowadays? Somfy knows better. You manage your entire system with it. Adds users as desired who can turn the system on and off. You get a la minute push notifications and you can see exactly which of your roommates the alarm is. In addition, the app helps you with the plug & play installation and you can adjust all settings whenever you want.

Second Somfy option: Somfy Protect Home alarm – Plug & Play alarm system

Suitable for: With a system like this, you never need anything else.

When you want complete protection, Somfy also has a camera included with a window alarm set and siren for € 399. With this comprehensive Somfy Home Alarm Pack, you can perfectly protect all corners of your home. Because the three supplied door and window sensors and the motion detector immediately send a push message to your smartphone in the event of a break-in. At the same time, a loud siren goes off.

The IntelliTAG ™ is the only door and window sensor that warns against burglary attempts BEFORE the burglars are inside. In doing so, he recognizes the difference between a ball that hits the door or a door that is forced.

Camera surveillance set Sancce 4xCamera_surveillance_set_Sancce

4-channel H.264 digital recorder with a built-in 1TB hard drive.
Including 4x weatherproof cameras with night vision function (IR).
The images can be viewed remotely live on the smartphone, tablet or via an internet browser wherever you are in the world (or internet availability).
The P2P function allows you to access your system quickly and easily from the outside.

The e-mail alert is working excellent. Live view with a smartphone, tablet, and internet (3G support)



Brand: Sancce

+ Price: € 395

+ Camera: 4 cameras 720p, weatherproof high-resolution

Color: black

+ Placing: For indoor or outdoor. Includes mounting material

+ Power supply: Energy network

Sound: Built-in microphone and speakers

+ Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels

+ Vision: Infrared sensor, with 24 IR LEDs for night lighting, screen (10-inch flip monitor)

+ Motion detector: Yes

Included: Recorder (built-in 1 TB hard disk), modes: continuous/motion detection/sensor control/time setting,

+ Cable: 4x 18 meters of cable

Connection: RJ-45 connector for network

+ Extra: Remote control, and mouse

Security: Administrator/operator password protection

Wi-Fi: No

Expandable: No

Technical specifications

HDMI and VGA connection
Wired Speed Tooltip
Fast Ethernet (Up to 100 Mbps)


Operation via app Tooltip
Backup via USB 2.0


Manufacturer’s Warranty Tooltip 1 year


Easy to assemble
Operation via app Tooltip
1 CD
1 manual

Product information


First Alert Dummy Security CameraDummy_Camera_LED_light_JYK

Brand: First Alarm

Beat the burglar!

When you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this dummy security camera looks very realistic and is low-budget!

The dummy can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be attached to the wall or ceiling.

With the LED light, the dummy camera can no longer be distinguished from real.





Price:  € 9,13
+ Equipped: with LED light
+ Use: For both indoor and outdoor use
+ Assembly: Adding supplies included
Material: Plastic
Color:  Black
Power supply: Works on 2 x AA batteries (not included)


Product information

EAN 8711252765020

Price changes reserved

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