Smell a scam from a distance

You can smell a scam from a distance, where do you have to look for? Sometimes websites are promising you the world, and you don’t even have to work for it. Can that be true? Most of the time, when it looks to good to be true, it often is too good to be true.

smell a scam

Smell a scam. Let’s go over some warning signs now!

Smell a scam online

What is it that makes me feel uncomfortable with this advertisement? I smell a scam when:

Secure cash at home from Jennifer Larson

  1. there is no education needed, the know-how is included, they practically give money doing nothing.
  2. I can choose my hours (as if you can reach the top with working 1 hour a week)
  3. Limited positions? Hurry up, otherwise, you miss the boat?

What do you notice with this ad?

Smell a scamReplace your job Kelly Simmons

Ultimate home jobs Michelle Robinson

Work at home institute Bobby Robinson (I wonder if they are related)

Pretty much the same adds, don’t you think so?

Earn money within 5 minutes?

Yesss I want that!

But is this possible?

If it’s a realistic opportunity?

Wouldn’t we be all filthy rich by now?

So, how do you smell a scam from a distance? Go over these 10 points and when you have 2 or more matches, skip the deal!

  1. make money within 24 hours.
  2. a limited number of spots.
  3. no experience needed.
  4. no education required.
  5. without any effort.
  6. an hour a day working time.
  7. add here your credit card data before access.
  8. no possibility to contact the website owner in any way.
  9. Showing a huge amount of money on cheques.
  10. for only $97.00 I will receive what?? Fried air I guess!

My number #1 recommendation is: Get a good education!

Where on earth can you grab the money right from the street? Not having to know or do something for it? Get real! That doesn’t exist! You can smell a scam online whenever you can apply 2 or more points from my list.

My number #1 recommendation is: Learn the skills you need, and learn how to earn money the right way online, join our online university, our helpful and caring community!

How to build a successful online business

I promise you:

  1. a good and thorough education
  2. an opportunity to earn money online
  3. 2 free websites
  4. free hosting
  5. a helpful and caring community
  6. a 24/7 support team
  7. your own blog space
  8. instant access
  9. no credit card needed
  10. Free trial period of 7 days full premium access to decide


Free trial period of 7 days full premium access to decide if this is what you are looking for!

Wealthy Affiliate sign up

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