Green padlock SSL certificate and Google
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Google is going to give secure sites a ranking boost. So it is more than ever of great importance to get for your website the green padlock. When you host your website at the Wealthy Affiliate University it’s offered you in the membership package. When you host your website elsewhere, you need to purchase the SSL certificate. SSL is just added to the premium package of Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix Hosting.

Green padlock, SSL security


Siterubix hosting premium included

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is also often referred to as TSL (Transport Layer Security) as well. This certificate provides your visitors with an extra security and it stands for integrity.

SSL certificate and Google

Google has announced to give secured websites a lead in the new algorithm.

SSL certificate and Google, checklist for SSL

When your website has the green padlock, Google is going to reward you for that.

SSL Certificate, and then…?

After you have added your SSL certificate to your domain name you need to take several steps.

Checklist for SSL Certification

  1. Add your SSL certificate
  2. Check for the green padlock SSL here: Why no padlock?
  3. Change your Google analytics settings from HTTP into HTTPS
  4. Add your new property on Google Webmaster Tools
  5. Verify your website with the meta code in the head or use the SEO All in one plugin
  6. Send in a new sitemap to GWT
  7. Bing needs no new property and no verification, but you need to send in a new sitemap
  8. Check up if all your plugins are working correctly
  9. You have to add the “s” to your PDF’s
  10. Add an “s” to the images in your widgets. The Media Library does pick up the “s”, but the widgets don’t.
  11. Check if your email responder is working correctly.
  12. Check your campaigns or Facebook ads and adjust your link to https

My website is missing the green padlock

After you’ve taken all the steps of the checklist above, and still have errors and insecurities you can add a plugin to adjust those.

WordPress Plugin: SSL Insecure Content Fixer

This training, (I hope people from outside the Wealthy Affiliate University can see it also because it is an internal member training) is very good to find insecure items and mixed content still on your website.

SSL Activation – No Padlock – Mixed Content – Google Search Console

Thank you for reading my blog about SSL Certificate and Google.


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