The best reasons to work from home

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Working from home is made possible by technology: The internet, cloud storage, and smartphones. Working in a virtual environment is now a reality. Through this way of working, employees can work in a comfortable and familiar environment without losing productivity.

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The best reasons to work from home

  • Environmentally friendly

Working from home persons are, logically, more at home than on the road to their workplace. Therefore, they save not only fuel costs but also help to reduce air pollution by not going on the road. There is also evidence that home workers consume less bottled water and that they consume less printing and less paper than when they work in the office. This is perhaps a simple example of saving, but when this is done on a larger scale, homework has a positive effect on the improvement of the environment and the preservation of our planet.

  • More time with your familyMore time with your family work at home

Employees who work from home have more flexibility to organize their day than the traditional employees in the office. This gives them the opportunity in order to share their work schedule that fits into a busy family life. By working from home most family dinners will be together. Less overtime and be held up long in traffic will belong to the past.

  • Less stress

Obviously, when you can spend your working time at home, the daily routine will be easier and less stressful. Working from home employees also get the opportunity to work at times that suit them best. This means that they can choose when to work and when they are most effective. Whether this is early in the morning or in the evening. It also works more relaxed without a boss looking over your shoulder, no office gossip or uncomfortable office chairs.

  • No travel time

Working in the office employees do waste time on travelling to the workplace. At least half an hour, but often more, in order to reach the workplace. If you calculate this time, an average employee is wasting with travelling at least 5 hours per week. This time can be spent happily by doing fun things with family or friends!

  • Balance between work and privateThe Best Reasons To Work From Home

The absolute number one reason why people find working from home ideally has to be the perfect balance between work and private life. Working from home makes it possible to bring the children to school, to drink a cup of coffee with friends and do the grocery shopping off-peak hours. The children do not need to go to a daycare, because of the flexibility of a home worker.

  • This is, unfortunately, no possibility at all companies

If you really want to work at home, but your company is not open to that, you can create your own path to go there. You can follow a training for internet marketer in the evening hours and on weekends. You can set up a successful business, and if you earn enough, you can fire your boss. Well, wouldn’t that be nice?

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The best online education for working from home

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  1. mark kabakov says:

    Loes, Hi and Thank you, for inviting me to the best system in the world. You have already created and continue to create honest and useful techniques. 

    The theme of your messages attracts everyone. 

    How do I look at the reality of work at home? 

    1.Today, the computer literacy of mankind has grown many times. We do not represent tomorrow’s opportunities.

    2. (directly to the topic) People have gained confident experience choosing a product and buying it right at home. Having a laptop or smartphone in front of you. 

    3. (too) Humanity has been divided into home sellers, customers and intermediaries. In a broad sense, the product and services. including educational, legal and medical.The boundary of this division is moving towards greater coverage of the population. 

    4. (exactly on topic) The volume of Internet retail sales of products and services will increase dramatically in the next 2-5 years. From here: it is necessary to immediately learn affiliate marketing. To not be on the sidelines. 

    Where? Only in Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for the persuasive reminder. Mark

    • Loes says:

      Hi Mark, I love your structured list:) And yes, internet sales will exploot the next couple of years. More and more people will make use of buying all kind of stuff using their smartphone or laptop. So, affiliate marketing is a right choice to get involved in.


  2. Marie says:

    These are great reasons to want to work from home. My personal reasons are these: 1) Travel – If you can work from home, you can work from anywhere with reliable wifi access. 2) Disability or personal illness – You can do more when you feel good and not feel bad about resting when you don’t have the energy to do anything. If your spoons are limited, being able to earn without getting dressed means you can work a little even if you couldn’t do much else. You can work around doctors appointments or those moments when the meds make you foggy-headed. I guess ultimately, these fit into your broader categories of less stress and better work-life balance. 

    • Loes says:

      Hi Marie, you don’t have to be ill to work in a home suit. I love it when I can work in very casual clothing. My husband always says, I am not ready for the day without being dressed up. I can run all day and work in a morning coat.


  3. GeeEss says:

    Awesome article Loes. Working from home is very liberating and has many advantages. One being that you are free to travel around the world and your office follows you wherever you are. It vacation time all year round 😊

    You work at your own pace. Nobody to breathe on your shoulders. 


    • Loes says:

      Hi GeeEss, it’s really very nice to work at home, I am doing that for the last 6 years now, and I like it very much to be my own boss. I have multiple income streams now and I can see my income from my affiliate marketing websites grow.


  4. Viljoen says:

    The number one reason why I prefer working from home is that I save on fuel. For my previous job, I had to drive 30 miles a day, and that equaled up to 20 percent of my salary. 

    Currently, our fuel prices have increased and would mean that it would cost me 25 percent of my salary. I also like the fact that you can save time from being stuck in traffic. This means that you can lay in bed for longer if you are not a morning person.

    The only drawdown about it is that it can get lonely. If you live and work in the same place, then it will become harder to distinguish working activities from that of pleasure. 

  5. Kenny says:

    Hi this is such a sought after ideal. So many would dream of this, but yet so few take any action in order to do it. At least part of that is the fact that not many people have any real idea or plan as to how to achieve earning an income from home. But you rightly show a platform that does, and I hope many take note if it. Thanks, Kenny

    • Loes says:

      There lies a great future ahead on the internet for people who want to become independent from a boss, Kenny. But indeed, you need a plan, and technical and community back-up to survive. The Wealthy Affiliate University is offering everything one need to survive and thrive on the internet.

      Thank you for your comment, Loes

  6. Marchelle Leandra Davies says:

    For me the best motivation to work from home is definitely more freedom to come and go as I like, when I like without having to first speak to a boss about it. Now doing exactly that, plus making money to cover my livings costs at the same time, now that is what I consider as the best way to spend my time.

    Thank you for a great article. It definitely motivated me to continue working online part time to eventually get to that point where I can work from home permanently.

    • Loes says:

      When you persevere, Marchelle, I do believe you’ll get to that point you can create a full income from your online business, success!


  7. Stefan says:

    Hi, really inspiring, your reasons to work from home.

    I agree with all but the balance between work and private. With this topic I definitely have some problem and this comes from working at home and not in another place.

    I can’t stop working lol. Because my laptop is always near me, I have a hard time shutting it off and do something else.

    You’re right, my daughter comes home just in the next 10 15 minutes and I’m here to welcome her and have a little chat but then I’m off again, inside my work.

    I think I’ll have to work on that a bit. It should only be a benefit not a problem.

    • Loes says:

      Yes, you sure need to find some balance, Stefan. Know when to schedule a break. Always keep in mind that whenever you take a break, your website goes on. And if it help you to take that break, share a post on Social Media just before you do, and know your website is working for you. I have a present for you. A business schedule. Enjoy the read! Go for more e-articles to my download page.


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